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A sampling of rants and raves from the world of e-zines and audio blogs:

"The disc ended as the sun was rising over Syria. Had it lasted that long? My comrades and I looked at each other, stupefied. Our only memory was of forced effects, laughable lyrics, and audio surgical scars. I sat up and began packing my duffel. I'd rather pick bananas. One comrade suggested smuggling the disc out of the kibbutz to leak to the Internet. If Metallica were such proud artists behind their music, unable to both allow downloading and refund money after purchase, then we should warn others."

-- Brent DiCrescenzo at on Metallica's "St. Anger"

"Those who still cling to BTO -- and you know who you are -- are usually dorky minivan types who think rock and roll is about having your friends over for beer and barbecue. Let me say on behalf of the world's young people that all you people truly suck. Even in your retro phase there's nothing remotely charming or rocking about you. Here's hoping that next T-Bone you eat leaves you choking on your own excess. Die! Die! Die!"

-- Samir Khan at on Bachman-Turner Overdrive's "Remastered Hits: The Best of ... "

"There was a brief time in the early 1980s when Half Japanese were clearly the best band on Earth. I never saw them with the 'big band' but I did see them at a record store in North Miami 20 years ago, not long after the album this song is from, 'Our Solar System,' was recorded. Especially live, there was such sexuality and pathos to their deliberate primitivism, as well as just that total joy in acting like a kid that so many of my favorite artists and people maintain well into and past adulthood."

-- Mike McGonigal at on Half Japanese's "Fire to Burn"