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y family, on the highway of love, is neck and neck with God," said young Teddy Ebersol.

After the horrible Thanksgiving airplane crash that took the life of Susan Saint James' and Dick Ebersol's teenage son, Teddy, I, along with thousands others, wrote a sympathy note. I had known the actress and her sports maven husband for many years.

I thought my readers who grieved with the Ebersols might like to see their beautiful response to the many who contacted them. I really want to share this:

"We want so much to tell you . . . but there are no words that could ever express. . ."

"Almost every letter that we have received has opened like this. And it is true. We -- along with our children Sunshine, Harmony, Charlie and Willie -- have experienced the sudden and heart-shattering loss of Teddy, our beloved son and brother. Our grief is profound and inescapable. But from the moment this tragedy began to unfold, we have been witness to and have been shored up by the best and most beautiful aspects of the human spirit -- every card, letter, or promise of thoughts and prayers; each bouquet or wreath, or home-cooked meal delivered to the door, every personal story lovingly told that lets us know that we are not alone; every favorite book, poem, song, or CD; every candle lit or Mass said; each hand-knit prayer shawl; the trees that will be planted, the benches that will bear Teddy's name; or the fields -- those wonderful fields -- from his beloved Red Sox; donations to charity in Teddy's name; e-mails from Teddy's friends or friends who have come to share Teddy stories, or drawings from little children whose lives Teddy touched; all the tokens, holy cards, and stones from the beach; and, still and always, the nods, hugs, and tears that allow us to cry out loud and exist in this altered state until our old selves find a way to be new again. All these acts of tenderness and affection have been woven together into a huge and beautiful and strong net that has held us and made us feel safe, that has honored Teddy for us, and that will help us to keep his spirit alive.

"And so it is for that that 'there are no words,' just a simple thank you. With love, Dick and Susan."

The Ebersols both added personal messages, and Susan signed her name with a broken heart drawn next to it. I do want to explain the above reference to the Red Sox.

Teddy was a passionate fan. In June the organization will break ground for two new baseball fields along the Charles River, to be called the Teddy Ebersol Red Sox Field. The Red Sox Foundation has raised $2 million to make this happen. The Mets, the Yankees and George Steinbrenner have donated and you can as well, to The Red Sox Foundation, Boston, MA 02215.

Nicollette Sheridan did a Sharon Stone the other night in L.A. She attended the 12th annual Race to Erase MS gala auction. Among the items up for sale was an adorable English bulldog puppy. When bidding began to wane, Sheridan jumped in with an offer to give the owner a "personal walk" -- puppy, patron and star, strolling streets, allowing the little creature to follow nature's demands. Who could resist? Everything heated up and the dog and luscious Nicollette fetched $10,000. Sheridan's extra effort brought misty tears of thanks from Nancy Davis, the doyenne of this event.

The Westin Century Plaza was jammed with celebs. The Davis name always packs 'em in. (Nancy's mother, Barbara Davis, presides over the biannual Carousel of Hope bash.) The death of Marvin Davis hasn't slowed these charity dynamos one bit. Tommy Hilfiger co-hosted the benefit.

Good deeds in a naughty world are all fine and well, but the Us Weekly moment of the night was Lindsay Lohan, newly blonde, walking hand-in-hand with Nicole Richie, who has been cast into outer darkness by her former friend Paris Hilton. Miss Richie has lost weight and transformed herself in other ways. She looks better than Paris now.

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