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As a future member of our armed services and one who has several family and friends in the military, I would like to comment on the situation in Iraq. I realize that many people believe we should pull out and end the death toll, but it's not that simple.

We vowed to establish a stable government in Iraq and we cannot just pack up and leave. Since the invasion and end of the war, we have done many positive things in Iraq. Roads, schools and other buildings are being built, all while a new government is being established.

As a whole, we too often jump to negative opinions about the war. The media should also cover the positive things instead of just the deaths and attacks on U.S. troops. Allowing Americans to see the great things our brothers and sisters have done can go along way in support for the effort. Not everyone may agree with the president and his decisions, but we must all support our troops.

We should take pride in the fact that we are able to publicly display our opinions. It's time we appreciate, respect and honor those facing life-or-death circumstances every day. They are the true heroes.

John Hartzell