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Nothing personal ...
MTV is pointing to spikey-haired singer Ryan Cabrera to host "Score," a new reality dating show. Unlike his ex-girlfriend's "The Ashlee Simpson Show," Cabrera's show won't focus on his personal life.

"It's been done," he said. "It's been captured. The idea of that came up a long time ago. We've seen that. We've watched someone's life on the road, what it's like to see someone make an album."

In "Score," Cabrera, his band and some celebrity guest stars will mentor two lovelorn songwriters, who will be asked to write a tune in one day. Sight unseen, the object of their affection will choose the crooner with the best serenade for a date.

Cabrera, 22, knows something about songwriting. His album "Take It All Away" went gold. What about playing Cupid? His relationship with Simpson went south.

"We broke up once, then got back together, then broke up actually a long time ago," said Cabrera. "We haven't been that vocal about it. We haven't been together in a very long time."

MTV has ordered 20 episodes of "Score," which will debut this fall. Casting will begin this summer.

"It's not a crazy show," said Cabrera. "It's a fun show that anybody can watch."

A celebrity cruise...
Let's hope Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa don't get seasick.

The talk-show hosts will broadcast "Live With Regis and Kelly" from aboard a cruise ship for a week, the show has announced. From June 18-24, Philbin and Ripa will sail from port to port along the eastern United States, commandeering the entire ship with 1,000 spots to be awarded to viewers.

"This cruise will be one of our most exciting location events," producer Michael Gelman said. "It's the first time we've ever done shows live from a moving ship."

The cruise will take place aboard the Pride of America, a new U.S. flagged cruise ship. In the weeks leading up to the trip, the syndicated talk show will hold a contest with winners chosen daily.

Beginning in New York, the cruise will set sail for Boston, Philadelphia, Norfolk, Va., and Miami. The program will broadcast from each location, with one show live from the high seas.

Transplant for Lopez...
George Lopez has undergone a kidney transplant with an organ donated by his wife.

George and Ann Lopez "are resting comfortably in their Los Angeles home and are both expected to make a full recovery," according to a statement released by a publicist for the actor-comedian.

The operation occurred last week at an undisclosed hospital in Los Angeles. Lopez, star of the ABC comedy "George Lopez," had a genetic condition that caused kidney deterioration, the release said. Further information on the condition was not available.

Filming on his TV show has wrapped for the season. Lopez also had completed work on "The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl," a film directed by Robert Rodriguez and opening June 10.

Lopez and his wife, a producer, have been married 12 years and have one child, a daughter.

Close enough...
Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary, who has been battling leukemia, will undergo a bone marrow transplant after finding a donor.

"We found a match -- well, almost," Travers, 67, wrote in a posting on the trio's Web site. "Nine points out of 10. I hate to say this, but it's close enough for folk music."

Travers had been waiting for a match after chemotherapy failed to stop the disease. Travers, who revealed her illness last year, is expected to have the transplant soon, said publicist Heather Lylis.