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Q: Who is the actor who played David Palmer in the first season of "24," and what is his height? He is the same person who is now doing insurance-company commercials. -- The Feslers, Luther, Okla.

A: He's Dennis Haysbert, and yes, he is pretty tall. Sources list his height as 6 feet 4 1/2 inches. Also a star of the movies "Far From Heaven," "Random Hearts," "Absolute Power" and "Heat," he was a "24" regular during the first three seasons of the Fox suspense series . . . with his character, David Palmer, serving as the U.S. president during the last two of those years.

Q: Please help me convince my trivia friends I'm not crazy. Was there a cop or detective show back in the '70s, with Kim Basinger, called "Cat and Dog" or "Cat/Dog"? Her character was the "Cat" part, and I don't remember who was "Dog." -- Greg Brown, Stone Mountain, Ga.

A: Attention, trivia friends: He's not crazy. Before her big-screen career got going, Basinger starred in the short-lived ABC series "Dog and Cat" in the spring of 1977. Her character was a police rookie, and Lou Antonio -- also a noted television director -- played the veteran sergeant with whom she was teamed.

Q: Did Jason Alexander and Michael Richards ever win Emmys for playing George and Kramer on "Seinfeld"? -- G.A.B., Bedford, Ind.

A: Richards won three times for the show, while Alexander never won despite being nominated for the series seven times. The sitcom's fourth season -- which included the episodes "The Contest," "The Bubble Boy" and "The Junior Mint" -- is scheduled for a DVD release on May 17.

Q: With the renewed interest in "Kojak," will the old series with Telly Savalas be coming out on DVD anytime soon? -- Marty Connelley, San Antonio

A: Actually, it is out. Universal Studios Home Video released the complete first season of the Savalas version in a boxed set last month.

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