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Regarding the letter from Mr. Brown on alcohol, steroid and drug abuse in sports:

Granted, alcohol is a drug, but 60 years ago, few people thought of it as such. There were no federal hearings into alcohol abuse in sports that I am aware of. Alcohol, to my knowledge, does not enhance anyone's performance.

Until sports organizations in general come to terms with steroids and all performance-enhancing drugs, the baseball players in the federal hearings and others who have used these drugs should sit in the dugout with their achievements.

But, my original letter was not to defend or defame sport figures. It really was to say how sad it is that now, for parents, there is worry that goes along with sports for children. A worry parents need to be alert for, just as they must be alert for drug and alcohol use in their teenagers.

The All-American sport is just a little tarnished. That worry and those drugs probably will never go away.

Anne Brierley