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Margie Herberger's "My View" column shows just how disconnected our teachers are. The public is not hostile toward teachers, quite to the contrary, we are hostile toward the cost of salaries and benefits given to teachers, which we can no longer support. The day of saying "it's for the children" is over. The man behind the curtain has been unveiled and it turns out our teachers enjoy one of the best salary and benefit packages in the United States.

I take great pride in the schools my children attend and I personally admire all their teachers, but the teachers need a reality check and they need to face facts. We lost 14,000 more taxpayers according to the Census Bureau. Why? Because of high taxes.

If private-sector workers must pay 20 to 30 percent of their health care and pay toward their retirement, then teachers must do the same if we are to survive. If teachers are really "for the children," then they should prove it by helping my kids stay here -- reduce the tax burden and tighten your belts like the private sector had to do years ago.

Patrick Rauen