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Parents, this isn't the world you grew up in.

Anyone raising children works to provide a stable, positive life for youngsters who face social pressures and cultural influences that didn't exist even five years ago. How are you raising healthy, happy, well-adjusted children? What are the biggest challenges you see and how do you confront them? What questions would you like to pose for parenting experts?

This year, The News will be publishing a series of stories on parenting in today's world. We'd like to interview and consult with parents, children, teenagers, teachers, counselors or anybody with an interest in children's lives. If you're interested in participating, send an email describing the challenges you see to or write to Parenting Series, The Buffalo News, One News Plaza, Buffalo N.Y. 14240. Let us know how old your children are and what issues are arising with them. It's OK if you don't have the answers, but is you have hit on any interesting approaches or solutions to parenting issues, we'd like to hear about them, too.

Please include your full name and address and a daytime phone number at which we can reach you.