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Paul Grekalski appears to have a blatant disregard for the Orchard Park School System, and shows a flagrant lack of responsibility as superintendent. His work ethic has been seriously questioned because of his minimal number of work hours, his long lunch breaks and his lack of professionalism and effective leadership.

While capable administrators have left Orchard Park to work for other school systems, and while still others contemplate the move in order to escape what they deem to be unethical behaviors, the superintendent continues his denial of wrong-doing.

Now that he has been suspended for misuse of a district credit card and cell phone, it might be wise for the town to examine more closely the qualifications of the people it has elected to the Board of Education, since many of them are the ones who selected this man to be superintendent. No other groups involved in the interviewing process recommended Grekalski for the job.

We deserve the best people to make decisions for the children of Orchard Park; people who are honestly dedicated to providing the quality education for which our town was previously known.

Carolyn Thiel

Retired Teacher, Orchard Park Schools

Orchard Park