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Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for March 16,17,18, and 21.


12834 Dorsch Road, CMK Builders of Alden to Bryan A. VanVolkenburg, $200,000.

12812 Broadway, Beatrice J. Hines to Klas Properties, $190,000.

1166 Lambert Drive, Alan J. Lund to Thomas Paul Roetzer, Shannon L. Budziszewski, $127,000.

1127 Virginia Drive, Town of Alden to Dennis D. O'Bara, Cindy M. O'Bara, $28,000.


1961-1967 Wehrle, Town of Amherst IDA to County of Erie, $18,600.

2190 Wehrle Drive, Yaroslava Kupchyk, Yaroslava Stowbunenko-Saitschenko to County of Erie, $9,800.

2251 Wehrle Drive, Wehrle Land Co. to County of Erie, $14,300.

3755 Sheridan Drive, Willa G. Long, Willard A. Genrich Jr., Ellen G. Rusling, Jeffrey M. Genrich, Willard A. Genrich to Dominick C. Massaro, JAM Niagara, $850,000.

95 Roxbury Park, Bilia A. Lamantia, Salvatore T. Lamantia to Mark J. Bonner, Deborah A. Bonner, $510,000.

135 Hampton Hill Drive, Hampton Hills By Tesmer to Frances A. Frank, $348,900.

186 Hampton Hill Drive, Hampton Hills By Tesmer to Jack Hunt, Kathleen O. Hunt, $355,400.

3 Millrace St., NRT Relocation to Richard A. Hitzges, Patricia A. Hitzges, Melissa A. Hitzges, $315,000.

2300 and 2302 Wehrle Drive, Roy A. Jordan Jr. to Senior Associates Properties, $298,750.

320 S. Cayuga Road, Western United Life Assurance Co. to Fisher Pond, $290,000.

3411 Sweet Home Road, James R. Vesper, Ellen Vesper to Nancy A. Roy, $255,000.

147 Larkspur Lane, Dennis M. Labella, Jeanette M. Labella to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $230,010.

42 Huntington Court, Lisa Sturm to James J. Lickfeld, Mary M. Lickfeld, $224,000.

98 Melrose Road, John G. Meyers Jr., Marilee R. Meyers to Kathleen A. Harhigh, $156,000.

969 Maple Road, Donald John Jenkin, Donald John Jenkins, Carol H. Jenkin, Carol H. Jenkins, to Debra M. Farley, $155,000.

105A Homer Lane, Irwin M. Cohen, Gail Cohen to Irving C. Jacobs, Rhoda Jacobs, $135,000.

384 Maynard Drive, Marla L.Bagarozzi, Barbara L. Organek to Radfan Abdo Almaklani, $126,000.

958 Ronin Road, Dennis J. Seibert Jr., Anna L. Seibert to Eric E. Comins Vivian C. Comins, $124,000.

34 Los Robles, Darin M. Hughes to Patricia Vedella, $110,000.

299 McKinley Ave., Larry J. Dubrinski, Francis A. Dubrinski to Francis K. Dubrinski, $97,000.

27 Bristol Drive, Glan E. Page, Jennifer Page to Elie Eddy Laroche, Bernadette Laroche, $96,500.

277 Hirschfield Drive, Kathleen A. Harhigh to Richard L. Rohloff, $88,000.

4775 Chestnut Ridge Road, U8, Mindy M. Miranda to Scott B. Falbo, $86,000.

1353 Charlesgate Circle, Vito Miliauskas to Brian A. Armstrong, $81,000.

41 Thistle Lea, Fannie Mae to David Glian, $76,500.

Coolbrook Court, U-27B, Anthony J. Conciardo to Michael W. Heitzenrater, $59,900.

204 Ruskin Road, Paola C. Muti to Martin Haumesser, Suzanne M. Haumesser, $146,750.

204 Ruskin Road, Holger J. Schuenemann to Martin Haumesser, Suzanne M. Haumesser, $146,750.

105A Homer Lane, Irwin M. Cohen, Gail Cohen to Irving C. Jacobs, Rhoda Jacobs, $135,000.

110 Lorfield Drive, Hamilton Trust Agreement to Bonnie C. Morgan, $92,000.

97A Foxberry, Vincent Baudo Jr., Rosemarie Baudo to Vincent George, Frances George, $81,000.


7105 Parkside Ave., John D. King Jr., Linda J. King to Christopher Law, Tammy L. Law, $101,760.

Vacant land, South Abbott Road, Nancy D. Holzerland to Walter A. Swistak Jr., $54,000.


335 and 341 Delaware Ave., City of Buffalo Urban Renewal to 341 Delaware Inc., $175,000.

575 Delaware Ave., City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency to Allentown Properties, $85,000.

557 Winslow, City of Buffalo to Tatanka II Development Co., $5,200.

322 Bryant St., City of Buffalo to Rita LLC, $6,500.

201 Locust St., City of Buffalo to Marquitta R. Whitehead, $6,000.

5 Swinburne, City of Buffalo to Teresa Anderson, $5,000.

137 Wecker, City of Buffalo to KC Properties of Buffalo, $8,500.

26 Mississippi St., Cobblestone Development to Michigan Street Development, $833,000.

79 Earl Place, HUD to Jeneria K. Lane, $35,700.

19 Heussy Ave., HUD to Daniel Wagner, $26,100.

31 Hedley Place, HUD to Scott M. Leary, $31,555.

61 Mineral Springs Road, HUD to Kevin Campbell, Tamara Campbell, $20,000.

112 Martha Ave., HUD to Daniel J. Wiktorowski, $17,227.

154 Woltz Ave., HUD to Muhammed Iqbal Adil Khan, Fauzia Mirza, $6,305.

53 Gunnell Ave., HUD to Timothy J. Dyte, $45,655.

250 Auburn Ave., Washington Mutual Bank to HUD, $53,605.

957 Walden Ave., Demetrius A. Kimble to HUD, $49,879.

15 Newburgh Ave., Sharon E. Reader, Paul J. Reader to HUD, $37,234.

425 14th St., Kelly Burdick, Jacqueline A. Racine to HUD, $15,123.

900 Delaware Ave., Louella Ellen Morrissey to Jeremiah J. Moriarty III, $175,000.

233 Richmond Ave., Unit 11, Rosemary L. Priore to Herbert Schuh, $122,000.

4 Norwalk Ave., John K. Lawley to James E. Devlin III, $89,000.

37 Berkley Place, John F. Zietlow Jr. to Melissa Ann Link, $86,920.

360 Cumberland Ave., James Mills to David Brickner, Carolyn Brickner, $85,000.

101 Wilbury Place, Diane Anderson, Amy L. Sheedy to Frank J. Genovese, Carrie Genovese, $84,000.

2 Crestwood, Kaled Abdullah, Hadi Hawramy to Eric Eisenhauer, $80,000.

181 and 189 Elm St., Mudpies Childrens Museum Foundation to Christopher J. Mullen, $75,000.

6 Bennett Village Terrace, Lorence A. Paige, Michele D. Paige to Joseyco Realty, $75,000.

39 Homer, Michael A. Davis, Marti M. Davis to Norman E. Matuszewski, Lynn M. Mercuri, $75,000.

138 Whitfield, Jo Anne Fix, Donald J. Fix to Lisa M. Zoizack, $73,200.

44 Sandrock Road, Jean M. Kutlak to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $72,405.

25 Sheffield Ave., AMF&S Llc to Christopher Robert Mackey, $72,000.

108 Virgil Ave., Peter A. Sciandra, Grace Martin, Salvatore Sciandra Jr., Salvatore Sciandra, Geraldine Sciandra to Sanjcev Ahuja, $67,000.

578 Niagara St., Maria E. Rodriguez, Marie E. Rodriguez, Maria Rodriguez to HUD, $65,106.

27 Oschawa Ave., James G. Kurtzhalts, Marilyn Kurtzhalts to Michelle R. Kerr, $65,000.

159 Glenwood Ave., Annie P. Williamson to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., $63,684.

114 Sheffield Ave., Roseanne Sawyer to Federal National Mortgage Association, $62,499.

37 Tyler St., Kevin Richard O'Donnell to Songli Niu, Shubin Ruan, $61,000.

5 Tyler St., Elizabeth Cross, Laverne S. Cross to James P. Miles, Catharine M. Miles, Daniel P. Miles, $59,000.

304 LaFayette Ave., Anthony F. Trusso to Nasar R. Ahmad, $57,000.

249 Crowley St., Mary Louise Wagner to Theresa Dombrowski, $56,500.

257 Holly St., Donna M. Jaszczak, to Robert J. Atkins, Jennifer Atkins, $54,000.

34 Paul Place, Timothy J. Higgins to Jill E. Madden, $52,530.

27 Sandrock Road, Kathryn Louise Brown, Mary Ellen Berry to Diane M. Baer, $52,500.

126 Ontario St., Dave Measer to Nancy M. Soos, Gerald A. Soos, $52,500.

38 Argus St., East Coast Capital Co. to Buffalo Properties, $50,000.

294 Holly, Karen M. Quinn to Gatton Inc., $49,900.

72 Person St., Leon Butler, Marlene Butler to Centex Home Equity, $46,845.

1210 Kensington, Daniel Glushefski to David Williams, $45,000.

355 Breckenridge, Russel Napolito to Patrick Argiro, $42,500.

370 West Ferry, Russel Napoli to Patrick Argiro, $42,500.

135 Parkview Ave., Joseph D. Capodagli to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $42,000.

134 Baitz Ave., Vasyl Kurij, Anna N. Kurij to Kathrine R. Kokotajlo, $38,500.

293 Colvin Ave., William J. Wiedeman, Maureen A. Wiedeman to Joseph D. Conroy, $36,000.

38 Abbottsford Place, Joseph G. Saccone to Gary R. Schenone, Karen W. Schenone, $34,900.

65 Baynes St., Denyse Cherril Knupp to M&T Mortgage Corp., $33,954.

484 Winspear Ave., Wells Fargo Bank, Option One Mortgage Loan to UB Homes Inc., $31,079.

38 Argus St., Carol A. Christopher Carol to East Coast Capital Co., $28,000.

1210 Kensington, Kevin J. Cedar to Daniel Glushefski, $28,000.

390 Norfolk Ave., Robert Mastandrea, Robert M. Mastandrea to Federal National Mortgage Association, $27,721.

143 Cambia Drive, Household Finance Realty Corp. to Thomas Harlach, $22,000.

293 Colvin Ave., Mary F. Grine to Joseph C. Conroy, $20,000.

38 Parkview Ave., Green Tree Credit, Conseco Finance Credit Corp. to East Coast Capital Company, $18,000.

1162 Kensington Ave., Federal National Mortgage to Daniel Glushefski, $14,500.

288 Wellington Road, Brad Birmingham to James T. Ritzel, $12,500.

39 Alma St., Fannie Mae to Blake Alderman, $10,000.

32 East Woodlawn, Virginia Nailor to Alan Tavakoli, $9,400.

73 Eller Ave., Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Arthur Perry, Melanie Perry, $8,200.

30 Humason Ave., Wells Fargo Bank, Structured Asset Securities Corp. to Jerry Lynn Broadwater, $8,000.

288 Jersey, Lewis Pacanowski, Joy Pacanowski to KFS Property Management, $7,300.

91 Whitney Place, Arthur J. Mallette, Arthur J. Mallette II to Lovallo Home Improvement, $6,000.

94 Decker, Lewis Pacanowski, Joy Pacanowski to KFS Property Management, $5,200.

110 Ideal St., Arlene Satison, Dennis E. Satison to Jeffrey D. Zdzinski, $5,000.

34 Norwalk Ave., Daniel Stockman to Daniel K. Kersch, $123,000.

488 West Ave., Carol Buchholz, Linda Wartko, Anita Caito to D'Youville College, $58,000.

214 Glenwood Ave., M&T Mortgage Corp. to Mark King, Wayne King, $30,000.

3180 Bailey Ave., Alawi M. Abdulla, Ali Adam Ahmed to Ali Adam Ahmed, $24,254.

838 E. Delavan, Johnny C. Mathis, Johnny Mathis, Janet Mathis to Martin L. Jackson, $23,000.

127 Geary St., Robert Thompson, Karen Thompson, Karen Harper to Douglas Szary, $15,500.

436 Normal Ave., Key Bank National Association to Alan W. Jahr, $8,000.

237 Davidson Ave., Margaret M. Gallagher to Equity Trust Company, Gary Illos IRA, $7,500.


257 Crabapple Lane, Susan M. Stack to Jennifer L. Chadwick, Shaun R. Frank, $150,000.

884 Borden Road, Mark Salvadore, Mary Ann Salvadore to David J. Winiarski, Denise M. Winiarski, $135,000.

559 Mapleview Road, Roderick D. Wilson to Sirva Relocation, $115,000.

45 Wells Ave., Donald Leo Matela, Norma J. Matela to Matthew Mrowinski, $114,000.

271 Dean Road, Kham Inluxay, Bounthanom Inluxay, Paul Inluxay to Heather J. Dippold, $107,000.

123 Kilbourne, Suzann Forman to David J. Gruszka, Lauren E. Gruszka, $93,000.

73 Southcrest Ave., James H. Corda to HUD, $91,205.

495 Darwin St., David M. Bugl, Nancy A. Bugl to US Bank National Association, Ameriquest Mortgage Securities, $89,100.

244 Cleveland Drive, Robert E. Quider, Jennifer Quider to Robert Quider, Donald Quider, $84,000.

2549 Genesee St., Zigmunt Jewula, Kathryn Jewula to April S. Hayes, Raymond D. Sroka, $80,340.

99 Glidden St., Cynbthia A. Dauscher, Michael Lewandowski, Anthony Lewandowski, Avoline Lewandowski, Stanley Lewandowski to Jason D. Dauscher, $80,000.

45 Greenleaf, Walter H. Radt, Elizabeth E. Radt to Douglas W. Radt, $75,000.

97 Meadowbrook Parkway, Michael E. Nikel, Carol A. Nikel, Susan M. Rutecki to Eric Patton, $49,000.

35 Olcott, Sardar Khalil Khan to South Point Enterprises, $40,000.

1174 Walden Ave., Prime Source to Jasem M. Hasan, $35,000.

39 Garnet Drive, Emerald Gardens to James A. Gainey, Elizabeth J. Gainey, $32,000.

51 Shanley St., Wells Fargo Bank, Minnesota National Association Option One Mortgage Loan Trust to Mary E. Walgate, $31,500.

57 Alpine Place, HUD to Carlos Spencer, Cecelia Spencer, $25,555.

3405 Union Road, William Katz to Altons Enterprise, $22,000.

20 Thornwood Drive, Karen M. Snyder to Jeremy M. Barber, Kristy A. Mangione, $107,500.

60 Westchester Drive, Clara A. Miller to John J. Monkhouse, $70,000.


9076 Winding Creek, Brian Marr, Kristen Marr to Prudential Relocation, $470,000.

6219 Ranch View Drive, Lorraine M. Sokolowski to Robert W. Wassinger, Joan Wassinger, $290,000.

8205 Lisa Lane, Kirk A. Feather, Karla G. Feather to Kathleen Plowucha, $273,000.

4501 Shisler Road, Jeannette E. Kennedy to Clayton G. Merlihan, Sarah L. Merlihan, $25,000.

4624 Shisler Road, Shirley Roberts, Karen Bossert, Nancy Stoltenberg, Debra Myers to Jeffrey Brown, Patricia Brown, $84,000.

8812 Stonebriar Drive, Legrande Builders to William M. Woods, Melanie F. Woods, $74,900.

8165 Goodrich Road, Earl L. Krienke, Earl L. Krienk to David G. Bowman, Jacqueline V. Bowman, $47,500.


8413 Heath Road, Federal National Mortgage Association to Ronald F. Roman, Susan M. Roman, $83,000.


12764 Vaughn St., Travis McKinsey to Peterson T. Beyette, $154,000.

Vacant land, Townsend Road, John Zerfas to David F. Wilcox, Randolph G. Esada, $50,000.


4588 Broadway, Robert J. Eisenhauer, Barbara M. Eisenhauer, Robert A. Eisenhauer, Holly M. Eisenhauer to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, $48,047.


53 Elmwood Ave., Richard E. Glover, Alice R. Glover to Barbara J. Bandrowski, $425,000.

48-50 Elmwood Ave., Arnold O'Connor, Sylvia O'Connor to Colleen Blizniak, $170,000.

76 Riley St., Bonnie M. Philipps to Richard A. Brooks, $52,173.


2294 Hall Road, Kevin M. Harman Sr. to George Peppes, $186,000.


6917 Gates Drive, Donald J. Matyas to Federal National Mortgage Association, $128,450.

240 Kennedy Ave., Theresa M. Stillwagon to Kevin J. Haenel, Julie Esdinsky, $75,000.

663 Herr Road, James V. Gorcheck to HUD, $64,720.


46 Union St., Union Road Trust to Bernard C. Quiter, $43,000.


109 Jamestown Road, Vanderbilt Properties to Shawn Kephart, Jill Kephart, $245,000.

42 Beaver Lane, Adam Joseph Morris, Kristen Ann Morris to Paul Miller, Heather Miller, $165,000.

1924 Creekside Drive, Richard J. Manns to Robert Mesmer, $110,000.

106 Hazelwood Lane, Niagara Land Group to Ricky L. Barnes, $56,900.

70 Riverdale Drive, Terri Lyn Page to Wm. Specialty Mortgage, $54,000.

3341 Wallace Drive, Paula A. Mornelli, Bruce A. Cramer to Steve Akers, Scott Allan, $52,756.

478 Park Place, Smith Ventures to Michael R. Urbanski, Linda J. Skinner, $45,000.

1967 Staley Road, HUD to Harold Bennett, $34,310.


Vacant land, Sublot 26, Ridgefield Terrace, Bevilacqua Homes to ARR Holdings, $54,000.

219 Lake Ave., Blasdell Bowling Academy to CVS Blasdell Drug, $650,000.

3734 South Park Ave., Anne M. Hauser, Anthony John Cosentino to CVS Blasdell Drug, $399,996.

3743 South Park Ave., Salvatore Cosentino to CVS Blasdell Drug, $200,000.

2757 Christopher Blvd., Brierwood Village to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York, $39,500.

2789 Christopher Blvd., Brierwood Village to Burke Homes, $39,500.

2789 Christopher Blvd., Burke Homes to David E. Wilds, Margaret Wilds, $21,500.

6511 Boston State Road, John H. Klass, Linda Klass to Lee P. Evans III, $475,000.

5275 Woodrich Court, Donato Homes to Leo Michael Ciaravino, $258,341.

6490 Hackberry Drive, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Kevin R. MacDonald, Yvonne E. MacDonald, $204,869.

313 Highland Ave., Louise S. Davis to Jared C. MacLeod, $159,000.

3609 South Creek Road, Daniel L. Mietus, Sheryl E. Mietus to John P. Woods, Camille M. Woods, $155,000.

68 Norwood, Jerry Picun to Angela B. Yeates, $154,000.

1727 Schoellkpf Road, Jeffrey Betsch to Federal National Mortgage Association, $152,660.

3200 Clearview Way, Frederick E. Zimmerman, Rosanne D. Zimmerman to Almir Sabic, Senka Sabic, $130,000.

6686 Taylor Road, Anthony R. Russo III, Michelle F. Russo to Thomas F. Conway Jr., $124,900.

170 Maple Ave., Norbert Richter, Theresa A. Richter, Norbert Richter II to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $110,693.

99 Crescent Ave., Lawrence A. Pilon, Margaret A. Pilon to James A. Davey Jr., $91,000.

53 Prospect, Elizabeth M. Franklin to Robert J. Colwell, Paul J. Colwell, $50,000.

2266 Shadow Lane, NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York to Michael T. McCann, Karen A. McCann, $221,555.

6 Pinegrove Park, Robert H. Orr, Bonnie L. Orr to Steven R. Abell, $155,000.

4331 Berkley Place, PSNG Real Properties to Michael J. Bawol, Barbara Ann Bawol, $124,900.

2793 Amsdell Road, Joseph Cocina Jr. to Jonathan Cylka, $100,000.


300 Hunters Heights, David C. Clemons, Cynthia L. Clemons to Mikel Hall, Cynthia Hall, $165,000.


40 Baker Court, Kiril Belesovski, Lilijana Belesovski to Frank A. Papaleo, $84,000.

497 Martin Road, Eileen Collins, Sharon Gremmel, Janet Dragone, Robert Urban, Sandra Paolini to Mary Ann Sheppard, $83,000.

19 Avery Ave., David E. Ries to Beverly A. Horrigan, $58,000.

57 Holland Ave., Gorbran T. to Maryam M. Mosed, $5,000.


Vacant land, (no location provided), Village of Lancaster Community Development Agency to Transit Leasing Corp., $80,000.

Vacant land, Ransom Road, Michael Grieble, James Sorge to Michael P. Carducci, Cynthia A. Carducci, $60,000.

25 Ashwood Court, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Daniel P. Vanderbosch, Pamela M.Vanderbosch, $274,182.

971 Ransom Road, Ransom Inc. to Timothy Haniszewski, Sue A. Haniszewski, $175,000.

47 Stony Brook Drive, Mikel P. Hall, Cynthia L. Hall to Jennifer Lynn Killinger, $173,500.

52 Foxwood Row, Kevin J. Dempsey to Robert M. Cassese, $144,900.

45 Michaels Walk, Michael R. Barker, Theresa Marie Barker to Karen M. Snyder, $178,500.


11154 Lyndale Lane, Sheryl V. Mark to Timothy E. Zack, Christina Zawierucha-Zack, $229,000.

1825 Four Rod Road, Daniel S. Gerhardt, Clarence W. Gerhardt Jr. to Nancy L. Meyers, $130,000.


3519 Shirley Road, John Andolina to Jason N. Babcock, $185,000.

2111 Langford Road, John Woods, Camille Marie Woods to Shana M. Hill, Aaron M. Cole, $108,150.


Vacan land, Rolling Hills Drive, Norman J. Marshall, Claudia B. Marshall to Robert W. Rassler, Jany C. Rassler, $35,000.

6 Templeton Trail, NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York to William O. Helfrich, $348,706.

60 Brompton Court, Vincent P. Schifano, Lynne F. Schifano to TCIF Reo 2 Llc, $330,000.

198 Meadowbrook Drive, Gerald D. Albertson, Mary Eleanor Albertson to James R. Ort, Christina Thayer, $210,000.

6402 Boston Ridge Road, Ronald F. Tubbs, Diane D. Tubbs to Ann M. Walsh, $159,900.

205 Crescent Drive, Neil G. MacFadyen to John R. Stelmack, Kathleen J. Stelmack, $153,000.

29 Penhurst St., HSBC Mortgage Corp. to Lori Ann Gang, Charles J. Gang, $132,000.

5703 and 5705 Ellis Road, HUD to Michael P. Gish, $99,000.


168 Maple Ave., Wells Fargo Bank to Paul F. Salzler, $42,000.


93 Mullen St., Katherine M. Rosner to Federal National Mortgage Association, $67,413.


42 Snug Haven Court, Sandra Aymon-Rose, Glenda Ruth Rose to Stephen Newman, Anne M. Newman, $130,000.

53 Louvaine, Brian J. Philips, Kara L. Philips to Daniel W. Cholish Jr., $114,900.

127 East Somerset Ave., Edgar Allen Reigh, Luann Reigh to James G. Kurtzhalts, Marilyn Kurtzhalts, $114,000.

639 Brighton Road, Michael P. Maulucci to State Street Bank & Trust Co., $106,580.

17 Morrison Ave., Susan A. Dubie to Mark D. Nowicki, $105,000.

2681 Parker Blvd., Domenico Dimarco to Gina Miosi, $86,000.

921 Parker Road, Donna-Marie A. Lowry, Arlene F. Lipira to Carol T. Busalachi, $68,370.

934 Riverview Blvd., Henry Joseph Buchala, Rose Buchala to Theresa A. Rider, $65,000.

616 Highland Ave., Mary Mobarak to Jerilynn Beutner, $50,000.

70 Desmond, James J. Blount, Karen A. Blount to Paul J. Nowak, Laura Nowak, $25,000.

24 Curwood Court, GE Mortgage Services to Craig J. Heintz, $22,000.

284 Sawyer Ave., Leo H. Pequeen, Lee D. Pequeen to David Battaglia, Linda A. Battaglia, $9,000.

216 Nassau, Richard Ciocca to Christopher Zera, $86,500.

74 Columbia Blvd., Thomas Digrace, Thomas Di Grace, Sarah Digrace, Sarah Di Grace to Gabriele S. Dimaio, Amy E. Dimaio, $126,000.

246 Doncaster Road, Fannye Markel, Morris L. Markel to Vincent Milito Jr., Lettia H. Milito, $347,500.

70 Irving Terrace, Nicole V. Epp to Jeffrey Rapp, Julie Rapp, $145,000.


5210 Berg Road, Victor J. Lucci, Maria Lucci to Aspire of Western New York, $163,000.

56 Naples Drive, Mary Silvestri, Mary R. Silvestri to Thomas Logan, Katherine Logan, $158,000.

4951 Clinton St., David J. Winiarski, Denise M. Winiarski to Terry M. Sugrue Tammy D. Sugrue, $148,000.

25 Kirkwood Drive, Duncan P. Lattanzio, Grace Ann Lattanzio to Robert W. Adey, $89,250.

30 Greenfield Ave., Janice L. Kissel, Janice Lynn Kissel to Andrew A. Schlenker, $82,000.

865 Seneca Creek Road, Mary Zolnowski to Anthony Fruci, $80,000.

31 Klas Ave., Richard M. Keklak, Judith Ann Keklak to Dana S. Zimbardi, Judi L. Zimbardi, $55,000.

630 Potters Road, Richard J. Gambino, Beverly M. Zwolinski, Stella C. Gambino to Diane M. Wiedemer, $53,000.

861 Seneca Creek Road, Mary Zolnowski to Anthony Fruci, $52,000.

400 West Ave., Ruth M. Winkelman to Magdalene C. Jalovick, $83,000.

750 Mill Road, Joseph L. Speranza, Joseph L. Speranza Jr. to Angeline Miller, $39,000.

99 Creekside Drive, Charitie A. Johnson to Kathleen S. Zastrow, $121,620.

145 Dirkson Ave., Thomas K. Smith to Gregory P. Vetter, Holly S. Vetter, $70,000.

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