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Q: My wife would like to know if Julie Chin of "The Early Show" and CBS reporter Joie Chin are sisters. -- Nick Nickles, La Mirada, Calif.

A: Well, for starters, the last name of both women is Chen. Julie is now the wife of Leslie Moonves, the co-CEO of Viacom, which owns CBS, and she isn't related to Joie, who previously was a CNN anchor-reporter.

Q: I was wondering if "life as we know it" is coming back on the air anytime soon. -- Kristin Gerdin, Oak Creek, Wis.

A: We've had a lot of mail on this, so our answer is going to disappoint a good number of people . . . but keep in mind it was ABC's call, not ours. The show is gone for good, not a huge surprise to TV insiders who knew it would have a tough time holding its own against Thursday competition such as "Survivor" on CBS, "The O.C." on Fox and the NBC comedy lineup. ABC actually took "life" off the air for a while to give it a relaunch, but ultimately it failed.

Q: I recently saw the movie "Mr. Holland's Opus" and was impressed with the voice of the young lady who sang the Gershwin songs in the movie. Her name was Jean Louisa Kelly, and I am wondering why I have not heard about her or her career. She has such a beautiful voice. -- Mike Visca, Valrico, Fla.

A: Well, she has continued to use it, if not necessarily for singing. For the past several years, Kelly has been playing Kim Warner on the CBS sitcom "Yes, Dear," which recently marked its 100th episode. Between "Opus" and the start of the series, she made several TV movies including "Harvest of Fire," "Stolen Women, Captured Hearts" and "Ruby Bridges."

Q: Could you please tell me who sings the theme song of the show "Charmed" and how I can get a copy of it? -- E. Williams, Chicago

A: It's a group called Love Spit Love, and the tune is called "How Soon Is Now?" It's on the official "Charmed" soundtrack album that is available in stores.

Q: In the 1970s, there was a TV movie called "Divorce His/Divorce Hers" with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The first evening, they showed the divorce from his perspective and the second night, from hers. I've never seen this movie shown anywhere since. Is it available anywhere? -- Mary Cook, Madison, Wis.

A: That film, which was a big deal for ABC since such Hollywood royalty starred in it, has been available on DVD -- and for a pretty low price -- for quite some time. Shop around at stores' DVD bargain bins, or type the title into an Internet search engine and see what comes up.

Q: Is "The Rockford Files" ever going to be available on DVD? -- Pat Lucarell, Youngstown, Ohio

A: Not immediately, since Universal Studios Home Video doesn't have it on its roster of 2005 titles yet. Don't give up hope, though. That company is particularly ambitious in giving DVD releases to shows from its vault, with "Murder, She Wrote"' and "Kojak" among those that premiered on disc recently, and "Quincy" and "McMillan and Wife" on the way later this year. It's entirely possible that James Garner's Emmy-winning private-detective series will have its DVD day before too long.

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