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A few months back students at Tonawanda High School were treated to an assembly quite unlike what they're used to sitting through. Promoting the importance of self-responsibility and success, students were treated to a concert by Last Conservative, courtesy of Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls and his recording label, Good Charamel Records.

The assembly began with a video message of Takac talking about what it takes to run a recording studio. Bands signed to the label such as the Juliet Dagger and Klear were shown, and students heard music from the bands.

When Last Conservative came on stage, they immediately brought a sense of energy to the auditorium, playing songs such as "On to the Next One" and "Over My Head" from their new album. One Tonawanda student said later: "They were one of the best local rock bands I've ever heard. They don't follow all of the screamo and hardcore music that there is out there now."

Halfway through the show, Takac himself made a surprise appearance, telling students how important it is to continue their education. Waving a broom in the air, he stressed that many high school graduates end up sweeping floors and that it is our job to see to it that we don't face the same future.

Afterward, the newly gained fans of Last Conservative were able to meet and speak to the band as well as to Takac himself.

On Feb. 4, Tonawanda High School held its fourth annual Battle of the Bands. Rather than winning a trophy as in previous years, first-place band Yours Truly won two hours of free recording time at Chameleonwest Studios, courtesy of Good Charamel Records. A week later, Juliet Dagger performed with Yours Truly at a school dance .

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Christina Lainge is a junior at Tonawanda High School.