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In his March 27 Viewpoints article, Paul Kurtz tries to put some intellectual lipstick on the pig that is the virulent anti-Christian movement among the liberal left. Unfortunately, Kurtz cannot decide whether the plantation owners who framed the First Amendment were deists and freethinkers or "biblically drenched Southern Protestants."

He argues that the "evangelical minority" seeks to impose its own religious outlook on America through the Republican Party, although he cannot name any legislative initiative designed to accomplish this. In fact, this country has prospered under the proposition and practice of religious freedom for more than 200 years, strongly supported by its Christian majority. Today it is safer to be a Jew in America than it is in Western Europe.

On the other hand, over the past 40 years, the ACLU has led an aggressive effort to eliminate all community expressions of religion, overwhelmingly Christian. Ironically, most of the ACLU's legal costs are passed on to the communities they are attacking. Although the ACLU seem to be winning these court battles, it is interesting to note that over the same 40 years, its ally, the Democratic Party, has lost 24 senators, 93 congressmen, seven of 10 presidential elections and the majority of state governorships.

Malcolm Vanderburgh