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It is most disheartening when one meets with town officials in regard to humane methods of wildlife control that have been successful, and in the end lethal means are approved. There are several humane methods of controlling populations and numerous ways to live a peaceful existence with wildlife.

Immunocontraception for deer has proven to work in communities where the area is landlocked. In other areas, given time deer herds will eventually thin out due to disease and lack of sustenance. Many homeowners have been able to deer-proof their gardens with resistant plants, repellents and fences. And deer-vehicle accidents can be reduced by using roadside reflectors and posting signs to warn motorists.

In addition, upstate communities have been able to control the number of Canada geese as well as keep them out of parks. The Town of Brighton successfully concluded a procedure approved by the U.S. Humane Society that entailed coating the eggs with a thin layer of corn oil, which prevents the eggs from hatching. Border collies, lasers and habitat modification then kept the existing geese out of unwanted areas.

It is unfortunate that public officials do not value the gift of wildlife and take humane methods more seriously.

Jeffery L. Termini

President, League of Humane Voters

of Western New York