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Now that Saint Joseph's made it to the championship game in the NIT, I think we need to review some of the reporting that has been done regarding the finish of the University at Buffalo's men's basketball team.

While they didn't win the MAC Tournament they lost by only one point. (Yes, we all know that they were ahead by 19 points early in the second half.) They also made it to the first round of the NIT -- and lost by only five points to Saint Joseph's -- a powerhouse basketball school.

UB accomplished so much this year that losing the MAC and losing to Saint Joseph's should not be our focal points but rather steppingstones for the future.

I thought the reporting on the wrap-up of UB's season was a bit shoddy. It should have enhanced our schools and our area with positive words rather than negative opinions.

I'm proud of UB's accomplishments. I can hardly wait until next year!

Barbara Hubbell


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