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Deadliest Catch Special

This hourlong special kicks off a new 10-part series on one of the world's most dangerous jobs: crab fishing in Alaska. Because the crab season is very short, fishermen have to work fast, and the consequences are often injury and death. That will change starting next year, as the abbreviated season is replaced with a seasonal quota system, so this series chronicles the true end of an era. 194831

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Producer-director Mel Brooks went back to the tainted well of his failed 1975 Sherwood sitcom, "When Things Were Rotten," for this 1993 feature. Robin Hood (Cary Elwes) finds the key to Maid Marian's (Amy Yasbeck) heart and chastity belt by defeating the evil Prince John (Richard Lewis) and Sheriff of Rottingham (Roger Rees). (TVPG) 447560
9 PM on Channel 2


Turk (Donald Faison) tells J.D. and Carla (Zach Braff, Judy Reyes) to decide between themselves who's responsible for their kiss. The "winner" gets the silent treatment from him. Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) asks Elliot (Sarah Chalke) for help with a patient (guest star Sarah Ramos). Janitor (Neil Flynn) is distressed to discover his new uniform isn't as intimidating as the old one in the new episode "My Big Move." (TV14) 8541
9 p.m. on FOX


At a high-level campaign fundraiser up-and-coming Senator Wright (Joe Morton) becomes violently ill. Vogler (special guest Chi McBride, "Boston Public") pushes Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) to take Wright's case and also dangles a new incentive in front of him: deliver a speech on behalf of Vogler's pharmaceutical company and save his whole team. While the Senator's symptoms and tests point to AIDS, a condition which would quash his White House dreams forever, Dr. House and the team dig for different answers. Meanwhile, Dr. House gives the speech, but it's not exactly what Vogler had in mind in the new episode "Role Model."
9 PM on Channel 7

According to Jim

You know how it is, parents: Time alone together is hard to come by until the children are in bed, and Jim and Cheryl (Jim Belushi, Courtney Thorne-Smith) are itching for more of it. So they adjust the clocks in their house in an attempt to fool the kids into retiring earlier. Taylor Atelian, Billi Bruno and Connor Rayburn also star in the new episode "The Clock." HDTV57893
9 PM on Channel 23

Veronica Mars

Little Randy Taylor a mad bomber? Say it isn't so. Jonathan Taylor Thomas ("Home Improvement") guest stars as a new Neptune High student, whom Veronica (Kristen Bell) puts on her list of suspicious characters as she investigates a series of bomb threats at school. Keith (Enrico Colantoni) drops a bomb of his own regarding his love life. Joey Lauren Adams also guest stars in the new episode "Weapons of Class Destruction." HDTV13541
9 PM on Channel 49

One Tree Hill

Keith and Jules' (Craig Sheffer, Maria Menounos) wedding day has arrived, and they may not be the only ones taking a big step in "Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking." Brooke (Sophia Bush) asks Luke (Chad Michael Murray) to be her date for the wedding, while Nathan (James Lafferty) comes to a decision about his marriage, and Jake and Peyton (Bryan Greenberg, Hilarie Burton) make one of their own. (TV14) HDTV8447015
9:30 PM on Channel 2

The Office

As the downsizing talk continues, Michael (Steve Carell) throws a birthday party for Meredith (Kate Flannery) as a morale booster, even though her birthday is a month away. Dwight and Jim (Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski) team up "Survivor"-style in an effort to protect themselves from the ax. Michael pledges $25 to a charity walk -- then realizes he's pledged $25 per mile. Jenna Fischer also stars in the new episode "Alliance." (TV14) HDTV22657, 52251
9:30 PM on Channel 7


Rodney (Rodney Carrington) is offered a spot in a comedy showcase, which would be a big boost to his fledgling stand-up career. Unfortunately, Trina (Jennifer Aspen) loses her job, and Rodney must take a second job at night to make ends meet. He's determined to be in the showcase, however, provided he can stay awake. Paul Willson guest stars in the new episode "Rodney Moonlights." (TVPG) HDTV62299
10 PM on Channel 4

Judging Amy

A 15-year-old, angry with his mother for hitting his dog, beats the woman with a baseball bat and locks her in the basement. Now he's in front of Amy (Amy Brenneman), who tries to find some way of keeping him from being tried as an adult. Maxine (Tyne Daly) wrestles with a decision about the fate of an autistic child whose welfare might be in jeopardy at home in the new episode "Revolutions Per Minute." HDTV9522
10 PM on Channel 7

Blind Justice

A Korean grocer is murdered, the killer escapes, and it's Dunbar's (Ron Eldard) fault. He tries to make amends for the blunder as he gets a dressing-down from the chief of detectives for pulling out his gun in public in the new episode "Seoul Man." Marisol Nichols, Frank Grillo and Michael Gaston also star. (TV14) HDTV90096, 29522
10 PM on Channel 17

Independent Lens

The new documentary "Keeping Time: The Life, Music and Photographs of Milt Hinton" profiles the jazz bassist who was passionate about photography as well as music. Hinton, who died in 2000, performed with most, if not all, of the 20th century's jazz greats. He also took tens of thousands of photographs over the years, capturing the highs and lows of the musician's life along with the evolution of the United States. Jeffrey Wright narrates. (TVPG) 78454