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Coming up next weekend is the "Late Lunch" Spring Sectional Tournament, sponsored by Niagara Frontier Unit 116, American Contract Bridge League, in the Sonoma Grille, 5000 Main St., Amherst.

The tournament will see separate stratified open pairs games for experienced players and for those with less than 500 master points at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Play will conclude next Sunday with a double session play-through with Swiss teams.

Entry is $7 per session, with a $4 discount on supper in the restaurant's main dining rooms Friday and Saturday. For information and partners, call John Toy at 885-5364 or Bill Finkelstein at 836-7016.

Duplicate Scores

Week of March 28 to April 3
Amherst Bridge Club Tuesday afternoon -- North-south, Paula Kotowski and John Kirsits, 69.05; east-west, Mike Kisiel and Paul Ganley, 59.52; Betty Lawrence and Anna Edwards, 54.47; Gloria and Jim Brown, 51.49.

Amherst Bridge Club Tuesday Club Series -- John Kirsits, 12; Allen Beroza, 11; Mike Silverman tied with Jerry Bierman, 9.5.

Amherst Bridge Club Thursday afternoon -- North-south, Curt Hallis and Betty Dorio, 63.10; Jerry Bierman and Mike Silverman, 61.61; east-west, Ruth Jones and Anna Edwards, 61.31; Helen Panza and Jean Pardee, 56.85.

Amherst Bridge Club Thursday evening -- Joe Peters and Frank Riccio, 62.5; Bob and Judy Padgug, 60.71; Betty Dorio and Dave Larcom, 50.60.

Amherst Bridge Club Saturday afternoon -- Individual: Rosemary Richert, 71.43; Ross Markello, 65.48; Betty Dorio, 61.51; Carl Stone, 60.71; Tish Schiffman, 58.73; Jeanette Levin, 54.76; Gloria Brown, 53.57; Gary Schmitt, 52.78; Maggie McNamara, 52.38; Don Grant, 51.59.

Amherst Senior Center Monday afternoon -- North-south, Jean Sullivan and Anna Edwards, 60; Dave Stroud and Bill Rich, 69; east-west, Peg Gorham and Shirley Cassety, 62; Shirley Berger and Same Barone, 59.

Amherst Senior Center Thursday -- North-south, Clint White and Herb Falk, 58; east-west, Peg Gorham and Ross Markello, 78.

B&P Duplicate Monday morning -- North-south, Gisela Browne and Judith Padgug, 176; Bernardine Czarnecki and Lizabeth Schiffman, 143; east-west, Barbara Libby and Robert Andersen, 199.5; John Valentine and John Lewis, 181.5; Nancy Kessler and Carlton Stone, 180.5; possible, 312.

B&P Duplicate Wednesday morning -- Howell. Harry Cheung and Vincent Pesce, 85; Marianne Rindfleisch and Jacqueline Solomon, 60.5; possible 120.

B&P Duplicate Friday morning -- North-south, Gisela Browne and Nita Ferrell, 125; east-west, Trudy Manaher and Harold Meyers, 143.5; possible 216.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Monday morning -- Gerald Fried and Betty Bronstein, 56; Bob Olin and Dolores Warmuz, 52.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Tuesday morning Mentor -- North-south, Harriett Neitz and Carol Bedell, 33.5; Lois Tippett and Martha Quinn, 27; east-west, Ann Lee and Ellie Machado, 33.5; Miriam Davidson and Pat Rogers, 29.5.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday morning -- Trudy Manaher and Margaret Miles, 112.54; Nita Ferrell and Bernice Baker tied with Sue Neubecker and Dorothy Brenner, 93.69.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday evening -- Beverly Cohen and Jim Mathis, 98; Bonnie Bryar-Elgar and Robert Olin, 87.5; Betty Bronstein and John Marvin III, 82.4.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday evening -- Jill Wooldridge and Powhatan Wooldridge, 58; John Ricotta and Allen Beroza, 48.5.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Friday morning -- Jeanne Gladysz and Fran Kurtz, 49; Judith Padgug and Susan Bergman, 46.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Saturday morning -- Douglas Dean and Fred Yellen, 65.5; Rita Sierocinski and Betty Bronstein, 57; Stanley Kozlowski and Jerry Geiger, 56.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Sunday afternoon Swiss -- A: Gerald Fried, Jill Wooldridge, Chris Urbank and Dan Gerstman, 111; B: Betty Bronstein, Sue Bergman, Judith and Robert Padgug, 60.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, A: William Bascom and Beverly Cohen; B: Beverly Norton and Michael Kisiel; east-west, A: Robert Feasley and Joan Rose; B/C: David Larcom and Fenton Harrison.

Canterbury Woods Duplicate Wednesday -- Mitchell. North-south, Dorothea Sterne and Bev Warren, 52; east-west, Miriam Davidson and Marjorie Buyers, 55; possible 90.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North-south, Tom Gibbons and Walter Heileman, 116; east-west, Adam Dzimian and Chuck Heimerl, 117; possible 189.

East Aurora Wednesday -- Open pairs. Bob Winkler and Dave Larcom, 52.5; Glenn and Pat Schmarder, 47; Rhoda and Will Eagle, 46.5; possible 84.

Friday Dupliclub -- North-south, Edna Fill and Pat Wolf, 58.5; east-west, Thelma and Al Ker, 63.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- North-south, A: Bert Hargesheimer and Christy Kellogg, 115; B: John Meindl and Ken McNitt, 89.5; east-west, A: Peg and Bill Rieker, 115; B: Bill Wasson and Bob Horanberg, 97.5.

Lockport Duplicate Saturday afternoon -- A: Christy Kellogg and Bert Hargesheimer, 62; B: Edie Moran and Anne Clancy, 55. Pupil game: Shirley Murdoch and Mercedes Reinbolt, 43; Julia Shambach and Anna Marie Speck, 42.5; Matt and Patricia Lanighan, 40; (tie) Margaret Maas and Helen McGreevy, Kathy Fenn and Donna Fritton, both 39.5.