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Riding high on the success of their recently released "Chuck" album, the boys in Sum 41 hit the Sphere, 681 Main St., for a 6:30 p.m. gig Tuesday. Fellow punk/pop/emo acts Unwritten Law and Hawthorne Heights will share the bill.

The Canadian band can now claim a Juno Award as its own; the academy saw fit to bestow the Rock Album of the Year trophy upon the Sum 41 lads, who describe "Chuck" on their Web site as "a record with riffs as hazardous as depleted uranium and hooks as catchy as radioactive fallout!" This is in keeping, no doubt, with the budding socio-political awareness that informs "Chuck."

Hawthorne Heights, formed in 2001 in Dayton, Ohio, nabbed a contract with the esteemed punk label Victory Records and hit the highway. Along the way, the band endeared itself to an audience raised on thoughtful, emo-based punk. Hawthorne's new "The Silence in Black and White" reveals a broad mix of influences blending in service of an aggressive-but-melodic sound.

Unwritten Law wrote the book on So-Cal pop-punk and added a new chapter with the just-released "Here's to the Mourning."

Tickets for this triple bill are $25 (box office, Ticketmaster). Call 852-5000.

-- Jeff Miers