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1. What World War II aircraft was called the "Superfortress"?

2. Who designed the Kennedy portrait on the half dollar?

3. Did Joe Feeney sing tenor, baritone or bass on "The Lawrence Welk Show" on television?

4. What is a "lap dog"?

5. Name the five Great Lakes.

6. After whom is the Ferris wheel named?

7. Mensa is a society of people who can prove, through a standard test, that they have what?

8. Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the buying power of $1 in 1967 is now between $3 and $4, $4 and $5 or $5 and $6?

9. "Home in Indian" is a 1944 movie about what sport?

10. Who succeeded Margaret Thatcher as British prime minister in 1990?

1. The B-29.

2. Gilroy Roberts.

3. Feeney sang tenor.

4. A pet dog small enough to be held in one's lap.

5. Lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan, Superior and Ontario.

6. George W. Ferris, the engineer who built it for the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893.

7. A high I.Q.

8. Between $5 and $6 ($5.62 in the first half of 2004).

9. Horse racing.

10. John Major.