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The city is broke, the county is broke, the state and federal governments are broke, and all are running huge deficits with no end in sight. Locally, services are being drastically cut. Schools, health care, libraries, parks, cultural organizations, the zoo, law enforcement, fire departments, etc. are being seriously impacted by the fiscal crisis.

Is this the best that can be done in our community, and other communities across the nation? Maybe we have to look deeper for the underlying cause of the crisis. Despite a rather high level of taxation, citizens can no longer be provided many of the basic services society has come to expect.

Currently, the budget for the military consumes more than half of our discretionary tax dollars, close to $500 billion a year, greater than the military budgets of all other countries combined. We have troops in more than 100 countries throughout the world. We have enough weapons to destroy the planet many times over. Yet there is no abatement in our military spending. Why? Is our goal domination of the world?

I think the average American is not interested in world domination, yet the spending madness continues as our quality of life declines. Political leaders must be informed as to just what our priorities are.

Joseph Davis

East Amherst