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Kyrgyz lawmakers failed to show up in sufficient numbers today to accept the resignation of President Askar Akayev, leaving him technically in power.

Parliament was two short of the 50 lawmakers needed to form a quorum. Some of those who had helped negotiate Akayev's resignation were among the absent.

The reasons behind the no-shows were not clear. Some observers attributed it to a lack of discipline.

Kyrgyz officials had pushed to secure Akayev's resignation as a significant step toward restoring political order and giving a stamp of legitimacy to a new leadership that took power March 24, when protesters stormed Akayev's office and he fled the country, surfacing in Russia.

Akayev signed a resignation letter on Monday at the Kyrgyz Embassy in Moscow.

Some officials are angry that Akayev is being allowed to resign rather than face impeachment.

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