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More "Done" deeds
Put the italicized words in their right "done" state of expression:

When Amber Lipps was (1)choose to be our ambassador to the tiny nation of Sower Grapes, only one commentator (2)forecast a bad outcome. "I believe Sower Grapes has been (3)deal one big slap in the face," he said. "I (4)see this happen in a previous administration, and no good (5)come of it." But, political commentary, like so much of life, is here today and (6)go tomorrow. And Amber went off to disrupt the heretofore harmonious relationship between the two countries.

1. and 2. chosen/forecast ("I'm very excited about being an ambassador to Slower Gapes," said Amber Lipps on local TV. "I loved being a cheerleader in middle school. What? Oh, Sower Grapes.")

3. dealt (He said it on National Public Radio, so no one heard.)

4. saw

5. came (Consistency is the hallmark of government.)

6. gone (When a new administration came in, Amber was out, with nothing to put on her resume but -- all together, now -- Sower Grapes.)

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