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I was listening to our members marvel at how the penny Chicago game goes on round-the-clock. Many of the players need no more sleep than a bird.

"How much sleep does an average person need?" someone asked.

Cy the Cynic had the answer to that. "About 10 minutes more," said Cy.

Today's declarer must have been sleep-deprived. He took the ace of clubs, let the jack of trumps ride, led a trump to his queen and cashed the ace. Fine, but when South next led a spade, West ducked.

Dummy's king won, but South had no way back to his hand to lead another spade. When he conceded a club, East shifted to the queen of diamonds, and South had to lose two diamonds and a spade for down one.

If South is awake, he'll lead a low trump to his ten at Trick Two. He returns a spade to the king, leads the jack of trumps to his queen and takes the ace. South then leads a second spade to set up dummy's spades, and the defense can't stop an overtrick.

You hold: K Q 7 5 2 J 3 A 4 3 2 A 6. Your partner opens one diamond, you respond one spade and he bids two clubs. The opponents pass. What do you say?

A: A jump to three diamonds is fine if it's forcing, but many pairs use most jump-preferences by responder as invitational. Then you must jump to four diamonds or temporize with a "fourth suit" bid of two hearts. If you don't know how your regular partner treats this sequence, find out.

North dealer

N-S vulnerable

K Q 7 5 2
J 3
A 4 3 2
A 6
A J 3
6 5
K 10 9 5
Q 10 7 2
10 8 6
K 7 4
Q 8
K 9 8 5 3
9 4
A Q 10 9 8 2
J 7 6
J 4
North East South West
1 Pass2 Pass
2 Pass3 Pass
4 All Pass
Opening lead -- 2

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