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I'd watched Wendy, our feminist member, in a money game, and when I repaired to the club lounge, Cy the Cynic was there.

"Wendy's feminine intuition just failed her," I said.

"Intuition!" Cy snorted. "Girl talk for a hunch."

As declarer at four hearts, Wendy led a diamond at Trick Two and waited for inspiration -- or intuition. She finally played dummy's jack, but East took the queen and returned a diamond. West won and led another club, and Wendy won and led a spade. This time she put up the king and lost two spades. She later picked up the trumps to go down only one.

"Intuition wasn't enough," Cy chortled, "but logic will suffice. Wendy will assume East, a passed hand, has the king of trumps, and she knows from the opening lead he has the queen of clubs. He can't have two aces also."

Wendy should put up the king of diamonds. She concedes a diamond and is safe as the cards lie. If East had the ace of diamonds, Wendy would later play West for the ace of spades.

You hold: A 10 8 2 K 5 Q 7 6 Q 9 8 3. Your partner opens one heart, you respond one spade, he bids two diamonds and you try 2NT. Partner then bids three diamonds. What do you say?

A: Your 2NT promised about 11 points and invited game at notrump. Partner's sequence suggests minimum values in a distributional hand; he wants no part of either game or notrump. Pass. If you persist with 3NT, you're bidding the hand alone.

North dealer

Both sides vulnerable

Q 9 3 2
7 6 5 4 2
Q 9 5 3
7 4
A 10 8 4 3
J 10
A 10 8 2
K 5
Q 7 6
Q 9 8 3
7 6 4
A J 10 8 6
9 5 2
North East South West
PassPass1 Pass
3 Pass4 All Pass
Opening lead -- J

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