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Cheektowaga's "blue and whites" are getting a new look.

New police patrol cars will be dark blue, with a contemporary depiction of the Stars and Stripes billowing down each side.

"Right now, I have one," Capt. John Glascott said. "I'm kind of waiting to see what the reaction is."

The new markings should not cost any more money, he said.

Most of the cars in the fleet are white, with light blue hoods and trunks and traditional stripes down the side. The town will save a little money by ordering cars in a single color. Then police plan to turn to a local firm, Vinylsignz Plus of West Seneca, for the decorative flag decal.

Glascott said the flag was placed on a Chevrolet that the police acquired through forfeiture in a drug case. It received favorable comments, and some started talking about modernizing the patrol cars with the new logo.

The department decided to place the red, white and blue flag on all its new patrol cars. Glascott said the first regular patrol car to receive the new decal was an unmarked car, which now has full police markings.

For the coming year, the department will order its new patrol cars in dark blue. The town buys four or five new Ford Crown Victoria sedans each year, and it expects to replace the entire fleet in about five years.

"I really believe it will be very positive," Glascott said.

He also is hoping the resale value of the sedans will be higher, since the single color won't make them look like police cars.


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