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I am writing in regard to the News article on "value-centered voters." I have noticed lately that there seems to be a common misconception in the United States, especially among conservatives and the Christian right, that this country was founded to protect and promote the Christian religion.

While it is true that the colonists first came to the New World to escape a government-mandated religion, that is not why they eventually revolted against England. The American Revolution occurred because the colonists were tired of taxation without representation. They threw their tea into Boston Harbor to protest unfair taxation, not to protest their trampled religious rights.

And as long as we are looking at the reasons for the Revolutionary War, I would also like to point out something to those who think it is unpatriotic to criticize the government and protest its policies. The colonists who started the war were all protesters against their government. If it hadn't been for those first protesters, the United States probably would not exist as we know it today. Please keep in mind that the first patriots were also the first protesters.

Anne Fairbanks


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