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7 PM on Channel 17

Masterpiece Theatre

An eternally optimistic orphan (Georgina Terry) goes to live with her sour aunt (Amanda Burton) in this new version of "Pollyanna." Based on a novel by Eleanor H. Porter, this rendition follows the life of a perky little girl who sees the silver lining in everything. Her sunny outlook is infectious, and even her aunt isn't immune. (TVG) 942954


Passion, enchantment, legend and a star-filled cast combine to conjure up magical results in this 1998 fantasy. Sam Neill stars as the title character, born at the command of blackhearted Queen Mab (Miranda Richardson) and raised by a kindly old crone (Billie Whitelaw). After obtaining Excalibur, Merlin challenges Mab and longs to be with his love, Nimue (Isabella Rossellini). (TVPG) 7998062
8 PM on Channel 7

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Six-year-old Benjamin Burns needs some special accommodations, and Ty and his team are more than willing to help in the "Burns Family." The boy has a disorder that causes extremely brittle bones, and his parents wiped out their savings defending themselves against charges of child abuse before the condition was diagnosed. The goal of this project is to make the Burns home safer and more accessible for Benjamin. (TVPG) 42157, 86515
8 PM on Channel 51


The medical drama ends its run with the new -- and final -- episode "Till We Meet Again." Just as Clint (Billy Ray Cyrus) is about to make a decision about his future with Nancy (Andrea Robinson), former flame Sara (guest star Myriam Syrols) makes a surprise reappearance. He's quickly distracted from romantic matters, however, by a medical issue with Raul (Tyler Garcia Posey). Paula Boudreau also stars. (TVPG) 62515

Inside the Actors Studio

Jamie Foxx has come a long way from his days as Wanda the Ugly Woman and other characters on the early-1990s sketch comedy series "In Living Color." With his own WB Network series, a string of hit films including "Any Given Sunday" and "Ali," and his current star turn in the Ray Charles biopic "Ray," his career continues to soar. He discusses it all with host James Lipton in the new episode "Jamie Foxx." (TVPG)
8 PM on TNT


Alan Arkin, Susan Sarandon and Penelope Cruz star in this new holiday drama set in New York. Directed by Chazz Palminteri ("Bullets Over Broadway"), it's the story of several strangers, all of them a little short of seasonal spirit -- whose lives intersect with the sort of result you'd expect from a Christmas movie. Do we dare use the "M" word -- "miracle"? Paul Walker and Marcus Thomas also star. (TV14) HDTV800225
8:30 PM on ESPN

NFL Football

Pride and playoff positioning. That is what's at stake for the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos, respectively, when the AFC West combatants meet in Denver. The downtrodden Raiders were embarrassed 31-3 at home earlier this season against the Broncos, who outgained them 444 to 145. Former fullback-turned-tailback Reuben Droughns ran for 176 of those yards in helping Denver to its biggest win over their archrival since 1997. HDTV412225
9 PM on Channel 2

A Christmas Carol: The Musical

Kelsey Grammer ("Frasier") steps into the role of literature's most infamous skinflint, Ebenezer Scrooge, in this tuneful adaptation of the Charles Dickens tale. Based on a New York stage production, it also stars Jason Alexander ("Seinfeld") as Scrooge's late partner, Marley, and Jesse L. Martin ("Law & Order"), Jane Krakowski ("Ally McBeal") and Geraldine Chaplin as the other ghosts who haunt his Christmas Eve. (TVG) 2468
9 PM on Channel 4

When Angels Come to Town

Peter Falk returns to the role of Max the angel ("A Town Without Christmas," "Finding John Christmas") in this new drama. He sets out to help a young woman get her brother out of foster care, but his boss (Katey Sagal) has another assignment for him. A bunch of jobs -- at a Christmas-ornament factory, no less -- are about to be eliminated by automation. Tammy Blanchard ("Life With Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows") also stars. HDTV5916
10 PM on HBO

Family Bonds

The documentary series about a family in the bail bond and bounty hunting biz wraps up its first season with the new episode "It's a Wonderful Wife," which finds the Evangelista clan getting ready for the holiday season. Flo compares notes with her sisters, Dawn and Kim, about what makes a marriage work, while daughter Dana frets about what will happen to her baby when she goes back to school. (TVMA) 797751