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1. Pittsburgh Steelers: Their time of possession is 35:02. (1)

2. New England Patriots: Lucky they won't face injured Jamal Lewis. (2)

3. Philadelphia Eagles: Are 15-2 in last 17 versus NFC East. (3)

4. Indianapolis Colts: Hoosier State smacked down Detroit on, off field last week. (4)

5. Atlanta Falcons: Micahel Vick is 20-10-1 as a starter. (5)

6. Green Bay Packers: Rams make first trip to Tundra in seven years. (6)

7. San Diego Chargers: Refusing to turn into pumpkins. (7)

8. Denver Broncos: Consistently good run defense. (9)

9. Minnesota Vikings: Moss back after five-game hiatus. (8)

10. Baltimore Ravens: Stop the presses: Boller has two good games in a row. (10)

11. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jags have three division losses; Colts only have one. (12)

12. N.Y. Jets: Pete Kendall goes back to Arizona today. (13)

13. Seattle Seahawks: Wild Ginger is Seattle's hot spot for Asian food. (14)

14. Tampa Bay: Pittman has three 100-yard games in last four outings. (22)

15. N.Y. Giants: Need more help at receiver. (17)

16. St. Louis Rams: Green Bay airport workers set to throw Martz off his game. (11)

17. Tennessee Titans: Respect for McNair is only reason Titans are this high. (24)

18. Kansas City Chiefs: Will Shields making team-record 186th straight start (16).

19. Cincinnati Bengals: Battle of Ohio today in Cincy (yawn). (15)

20. Houston Texans: Wish the Texans were still the Oilers. (18)

21. Buffalo Bills: Love the buffaloes at 90-190 interchange. (27)

22. Dallas Cowboys: Roy Williams KO'd both Ravens RBs last week. (23)

23. Detroit Lions: Getting worried about Joey Harrington's play. (19)

24. Arizona Cardinals: Expecting high-end mediocrity from Shaun King this week. (21)

25. Chicago Bears: Turkey Day tilt was as entertaining as NHL games in November. (20)

26. New Orleans Saints: Saints drive their fans to Hurricaneville. (26)

27. Washington Redskins: No. 2 on defense, No. 28 on offense. (25)

28. Carolina Panthers: Tar Heels need to work on the defense. (30)

29. Cleveland Browns: Signing of Jeff Garcia looks like bad move. (28)

30. Oakland Raiders: Illinois fired Ron Turner. Is brother Norv next? (29)

31. San Francisco 49ers: Showdown for No. 1 draft pick: Fish at Frisco. (31)

32. Miami Dolphins: Ricky studying holistic medicine in Sacramento (no joke). (32)