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Discretion is a good word. It denotes that there is a time and place for everything. I believe that word should have been applied to the news coverage concerning a U.S. Marine in the middle of a combat situation in Fallujah shooting a wounded and unarmed militant.

This story should not have been spread across the news outlets of the world in a ploy to sell more papers. The damage done to our armed forces, to our country and to the world is immeasurable. If the situation was as described, it should have been brought to the attention of the proper authorities, investigated and dealt with accordingly.

It should not have been thrown into the domain of a public that was not there and was not subjected to fierce combat, booby traps, suicide bombers, roadside attacks and the despicable behavior of terrorists who have no conscience or compassion. To put our brave troops in the same category as these people is a crime. And inflaming the Muslim world will only expand this conflict.

Discretion in journalism plays a major factor in our world. Let's use it.

Norman Machynski