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Heart of Fire

Patrick Duffy ("Step by Step") plays heroic firefighter Max Tucker in this heart-pounding 1997 action-drama based on a true story. When a girl (Alex McKenna) is trapped underneath a flaming gas tanker, it's up to Tucker to get her out. (TVPG) 254691

The Christmas Path

In this 1999 fantasy TV movie, a family's faith is shattered after the father dies in a tragic accident. Cal (Shia LaBeouf), the 12-year-old son, heads down a dark path of crime. His mother (Dee Wallace Stone) is forced to take a job at the post office after they're served with an eviction notice. Little sister Dora (Madylin Sweeten) is upset because she has no angel wings for her play. Only Santa and a mysterious stranger can restore their Christmas spirit. (TVG) 371287
8 PM on Channel 49

7th Heaven

Singer Wayne Newton guest stars as himself in "Wayne's World," delivering a message from Martin's (Tyler Hoechlin) father in Iraq. Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman) finds an e-mail on Martin's computer that may explain why he's been misbehaving lately. (TVG) 1052504
8 PM on TCM

Judgment at Nuremberg

Director Stanley Kramer ("Inherit the Wind") has the difficult task of dramatizing an important historical moment. He admirably succeeds in the 1961 film about a quartet of Nazi judges being tried for war crimes by an American court in occupied Germany. Moving performances come from an all-star cast that includes Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Judy Garland and Montgomery Clift. 18398165
9 PM on Channel 7

NFL Football

The climate will certainly be different, and the Green Bay Packers hope the final score tonight against St. Louis follows suit. A shootout in their home dome went the Rams' way last year against the Pack, as quarterback Marc Bulger aired it out with three TD passes in a 34-24 win. But throwing could prove more difficult in the nighttime Wisconsin air. HDTV614078
9 PM on Channel 23


After losing her publisher and taking a job at an adult magazine, Maya (Golden Brooks) is discouraged about her future as a writer in the new episode "Porn to Write." A visit from Rev. Al Sharpton (guest starring as himself) turns her attitude around and revives her dream. Penn Jillette also guest stars as Maya's off-the-wall boss at the magazine. 83523
9 PM on Channel 49


In the new episode "Need to Know," Andy (Treat Williams) decides to refer Amanda's (Anne Heche) husband to Dr. Abbott (Tom Amandes) as his feelings for her intensify. Ephram (Gregory Smith) asks Bright (Chris Pratt) for advice about how to handle Madison's return. HDTV1072368

Deep Sea Detectives

The new episode "Sinking by Sabotage" seeks to discover the fate of the Eleanor Bolling, taken to Antarctica on Adm. Richard Byrd's famous expedition in the 1920s. In 1942, the ship, now the Vamar and carrying cargo, mysteriously sank in calm waters. The scuba sleuths attempt to uncover the reason. (TVPG) 3795962