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Designs on us
What's 6-foot-4, wears pink jeans, a pink blazer, pink sandals and giant pink-lensed glasses and is not -- we repeat, not -- a participant in "My Fair Lady" at Club Marcella? Got to be Karim Rashid, the Toronto designer who spoke at Gusto at the Gallery last Friday at the Albright-Knox. Rashid, who designs curvy trash cans and chess sets that look like cute plastic blobs, hates corners -- too dusty -- and says rounded shapes are the way to go. He also hates nostalgia (it must be those rosy glasses). "We live in the best period humanity has seen," he said last Friday. "Utopia for me would be to have 100 machines in a room and let me do whatever I want." Utopia for us would be to have Rashid fix up Buffalo so people will stop saying we're 10 years behind. Maybe that's the solution: We need our corners rounded.

Fiddler on Allen Street

If Sam Hayes were a rich man, ya ha deedle deedle bubba bubba deedle deedle dum, all day long he'd beedle beedle bum, and we'd have to say so long to sweet potato pie and fried chicken on Allen Street. Hayes, who owns the one-man soul food operation Everything Special, began rhapsodizing last weekend to three customers about how he does what he does (scrub the chicken, rinse the greens, don't cook until the orders come in, etc.) and why. "I don't have money to waste. If I had money I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be in the kitchen smelling of chicken and smoke," he said. He held up his hands. "I'd have bling here, here and here," he said, counting off fingers that cried out for diamonds and sparkle. Wait! Does Buzz hear a song coming on?

The ugly tree
After seeing "Sideways," the movie about two guys touring the California wine country, Buzz figured we'd need a glass of wine. Wrong! Wine wasn't enough. We needed a stiff drink. Because again -- again! -- we had to suspend disbelief and accept that a real babe (Virginia Madsen) would fall for a dumpy loser (Paul Giamatti). It's the old Woody Allen syndrome -- but it's been especially bad this year, with Adam Sandler getting Drew Barrymore in "50 First Dates" and Vince Gallo pairing himself with Chloe Sevigny in "The Brown Bunny." (Not that we saw that. But still.) Speak to us, O Lord, and tell us why this is happening. Or, if you can't tell us why, at least make it stop.

Oh, deer
Hunters are supposed to be so rough and ready. They're supposed to tool around in pickups and all-terrain vehicles. Which is why we had to laugh Saturday on the Thruway, seeing a deer strapped to -- oh, it's too embarrassing -- a Toyota Corolla. The Toyota was all bloodstained, and the deer completely dominated the hatch. Heavens sake. If you have to shoot a deer, shouldn't you at least allow the noble animal some dignity at the end?

The buzz
If we're not careful, Cellino and Barnes are going to sue for every square inch of Buffalo. Notice how their names and number are now stamped on the side of phone books? The effect is hilarious, especially when the book's sitting on a shelf in a courtroom -- Seen on the wall of a Buffalo bar: signs reading "Charter Member, Right Wing Conspiracy" and "Ted Kennedy's Car Has Killed More People Than My Gun." Wait, is this really a Buffalo bar?

Quote"You don't take stuff for granted anymore. The night before, you're complaining about, 'Oh, my bed's so hard. I need a new mattress.' And the next night you're like, 'I love my bed.'" -- Amber Adamec, participant in teen sleepout for the homeless in Niagara Falls, in the Western New York Catholic


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