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Back in the late 1700s, when our country was ruled by the British, colonists decided "enough was enough" when they were being increasingly taxed but not represented in Parliament. These people believed in their cause so much that they unified and declared war against the British and the loyalists who supported them.

Short of fighting for our cause on the battlefield, I find many similarities between New York taxpayers and the colonists who demanded, "No taxation without representation!" Like them, I feel it is our duty to unify and demand that we be given representation, because we the people are the ones who are paying the politicians' salaries, financing their programs and keeping this state afloat.

For too long, a dark cloud has been hanging over this state's head, and I directly link that to the incompetence of our state leaders. I am afraid if we, the taxpayers, are not relieved of this heavy financial burden, the state will gradually destroy itself and the people it claims to represent.

Kristin Brown


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