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Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for the week ending November 5.


Vacant land, North Road, Mary Walter to Dale Wruck, Louise Wruck, $34,000.

Vacant land, behind 13608 North Road, David Scott to Ma-Nan Inc., $13,500.

11077 Broadway, Gerald Peirick, Beverly Peirick to Suzanne Tolsma, James Tolsma, $7,340.

11994 Broadway, Alden State Bank to Kim Riley, Charles Tripp, $91,100.

13904 Broadway, Eleanor White to Kimberly Northem, $135,000.

2313 Townline Road, Adelbert Snyder, Clifton Snyder to Looneyville Holdings Ltd., Adelbert Snyder, $18,000.

11120 Westwood Road, James Hager to James Stypa, $20,000.


5595-5600 Main St., Warren Miller, Warren Miller to Stoneledge Stables, $216,000.

186 Roycroft Blvd., James Anglea, Jane Anglea to Sirva Relocation, $171,500.

186 Roycroft Blvd., Sirva Relocation to Irving Barrett, Martha Barrett, $171,500.

185 Bennington Road, Jacqueline Dougher to Cendant Mobility Government Financial Services, $113,000.

185 Bennington Road, Cendant Mobility Government Financial Services to Robert Deboy, Nancy Deboy, $113,000.

144 Bassett Road, Lonnie Camacho to Landamerica Onestop Inc., $188,000.

172 Getzville Road, Douglas Torre, Karen Torre to David Diina, Danielle Tudini, $145,000.

24 Coniston Road, Elaine James to Anne Privitera, $162,900.

829 Eggert Road, Albert Baker, Carol Baker to Sterling Associates, $52,500.

3261 Hopkins Road, Norman Kluck, Agnes Kluck to Louis Daigler, Joan Daigler, $115,000.

11 Deer Ridge, Michael Norman, Cheryl Norman to Michael O'Donnell, Beth O'Donnell, $220,000.

382 Ayer Road, Scott Clare to Timothy Collins, Wanda Collins, $135,279.

70 Groton Drive, Bruce Culligan to Robert Whelan, Mary Whelan, $60,000.

299 South Cayuga Road, Robert Faxlanger, Rose Faxlanger to Karen Hoffmann, $132,000.

107 Autumn Creek Court, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Rajiv Ranjan, Rachita Ruchi, $240,882.

94 Haverford Lane, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Rosanne Gugino, Martin Gugino, $270,411.

48 Greengage Circle, Paul Maney, Melissa Maney to Christopher Tobler, Colette Genesky, $132,000.

55 Berkley Road, Earl Emmons to Barbara Emmons, $21,600.

106 Kings Trail, Evelyn Mitchell, Bartholomew Mitchell to Peter Piccillo, Alena Piccillo, $165,500.

341 Saratoga Road, Michael O'Donnell to Kenneth Shockley, Jennifer Enge-Shockley, $102,500.

34 Kim Circle, Joseph Carlo, Roslyn Carlo to Peter Alba, $170,000.

81 The Paddock, Norma Cohen to Mary Hurley, $201,000.

70 Troy Del Way, Linda Penner to Carol Kumpf, $209,000.

28 Morningside Lane, Jean Special to Patricia Runfola, Thomas Stockwell, $124,000.

252 Forestview Drive, Edward Gelia, Eleanore Gelia to Maria Pascale, $230,000.

34 Eastwick Drive, Sandra Cohn to Lisa Timko-Cabra, $193,000.

19 Carmen Road, Nancy Yager, Alton Yager to Janice Cochran, $85,000.

477 Lebrun Road, Camille Colvin to John Weimer, Michelle Weimer, $422,000.

55 Cottonwood Drive, Basem Maddah, Sawson Maddah to Carrie Guzzino, $155,000.

220 Schoelles Road, Stephen Dipasquale, Frances Dipasquale to Gary Donlon, Diane Donlon, $179,900.

278 Crosby Blvd., John Weimer, Michelle Weimer to Daniel Dolloff, Mary Dolloff, $145,000.

69 Rosemont Drive, Howard Schaeffer, Marilyn Schaeffer to Vincent Biondi, $90,000.

238 Hirschfield Drive, Daniel Mantione to Susan Hanssel, $80,000.

277 Forestview Drive, Michael Binder, Vitalia Binder to Marion Mittler, $220,000.

65B Foxberry Drive, Barbara Schulefand, David Schulefand to Richard Kim, Carrie Kim, $73,200.

4785 Chestnut Ridge Road, Mark Ruksc to Lisa Ceglia, $79,250.

241 Countryside Lane, Robert Buckley, Desiree Buckley to Alexander Puma, Colleen Puma, $174,900.

116 Casey Road, David Cottrill to Roger Scott, $101,000.

19 Gina Meadows, Sylvia Wishnoff, Alan Wishnoff to Clifford Smith, Martha Smith, $153,900.

263 Harding Road, James Parr, Andrew Sullivan to Alice Worrell, $20,000.

177 North Ellicott Ave., Janet Kulikowski to Brian Turner, $89,500.

48 Fairlawn Drive, Michael Gianturco, Geraldine Gianturco to Jean Comer, $475,000.

95 Spruce Road, Julianna Bednarz to Timothy Trafalski, $39,200.

85 South Parrish, Robert Walus, Valerie Walus to Vincent Dire, $300,000.

113 Mill Valley Court, Vincent Dire to Svyatoslav Sokolovskiy, Yelena Ermant, $245,750.

6 Four Seasons Circle, Ernest Berman, Ellen Berman to Catheryn Dinh, $420,000.

44 Spicebush, Ronald Resetarits, Joan Resetarits to Bernard Polk, Lenore Polk, $194,000.

57 S. Forest, Lyn Dehn to Samuel Burruano, $60,000.

930G Hopkins Road, Shakil Ahmad, Shakil Ahmed to George Vouros, Katherine Vouros, $127,750.

205 Via Foresta Lane, Bielmeier Builders to Sunil Mital, Ranjana Mital, $97,300.

1202 Charlesgate Circle, Rebecca Harasimowicz to James O'Leary, $93,500.

144 Bassett Road, Landamerica Onestop, Executive Relocation Corp. to Paul Maney, Melissa Maney, $188,000.

32 Bernhardt U-10, Carl Radetich to Valorie Harvey, $127,000.

69 Tioga St., Sirva Relocation to Kelly Zorich, $168,900.

60 Union Common, S&G Real Properties to Mohit Arora, $132,795.


273 Oakwood Ave., John Fee, Jennifer Fee to Celeste Bernard, $125,000.

257 Olean St., Robert Steck, Carol Steck to Edward McDonnell, $142,000.

161 Hillcrest Road, Henry Ainsworth, Margaret Ainsworth to Rolf Hoeg, Dawne Hoeg, $325,000.

10 Tunbridge Walke, Barbra Nehl to Rita Potenza, $97,900.


5465 Tanglewood Drive, Albert Diamico, Kristin Diamico to Joan Sawicki, $129,600.

7415 Eddy Road, Gerald Cichy, Mary Cichy to Donna Ziegler, $155,000.

7849 Boston State Road, Salvatore Butera to David Scull, Gerald Scull, $75,000.

8631 N. Greenbriar Terrace, David Martin, Alexandria Martin to Albert Diamico, Kristin Diamico, $217,500.


Vacant land, Southwestern Boulevard, Carl Schlueter to MCM Holdings, $16,000.


Colvin Ave. (no street number listed), Niagara Frontier Transporation Authority to Paul Francoforte, $9,102.

2121-2127 Main St., Canada Life Insurance Co. to Sisters of Charity Hospital of Buffalo, $700,000.

160 Bryant St., Jerald Kuhn, Jerald Kuhn to Mark Yonkman, Mark Yonkman Revocable Living Trust, $549,900.

88 Parkridge, Robert Palano to Indymac Bank Fsb, $39,680.

49 Navel St., Robert Palano to Federal National Mortgage Association, $39,766.

58 Clarence Ave., Robert Palano to Indymac Bank Fsb, $38,694.

443 Lisbon Ave., Robert Palano to Indymac Bank Fsb, Indymac Inc., $46,578.

11 Leroy Ave., Robert Palano to Indymac Bank Fsb, Indymac Mortgage Holdings, $37,500.

705 Norfolk Ave., Robert Palano to Federal National Mortgage Association, $43,500.

1256A Kensington Ave., Robert Palano to Indymac Bank Fsb, Indymac Mortgage Holdings Inc., $44,500.

172 Sprenger Ave., Robert Palano, Robert Palano to Federal National Mortgage Association, $39,500.

448 E. Amherst St., Robert Palano to Bank One Na, Mortgage Structured Asset Securities, $34,399.

1994 Bailey Ave., Robert Palano to Indymac Bank Fsb, Indymac Mortgage Holdings, $32,375.

401 Herman St., Jeremy Tripp to Alexander Bercovitz, $17,300.

93 Loepere St., Jeremy Tripp to Helen Jeong, $12,100.

68 Landon, Jeremy Tripp to Sihar Sitorus, $13,100.

10 Hedley Place, Bobbie Campbell to Household Finance Realty Corp., $52,164.

10 Hedley Place, Household Finance Realty Corp. to Barbara Dunn, Christine Dunn, $42,000.

86 Lockwood Ave., Lee Monier, Lee Monier to Brian Kingston, $47,000.

681 Eggert Road, Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) to Nan Wood, $42,000.

299 Wyoming, Mary Allen to Lester Trough, $12,000.

357 Fargo Ave., Vincent Ciovacco, Mary Ciovacco to Tino Flores, $27,500.

100 Alsace Ave., Mark Emley, Raelynn Staniszewski to Timothy Howell, Karen Howell, $56,000.

3129 Bailey Ave., Doreen Willoughby to Alawi Abdulla, Shabi Faez, $30,000.

908 Lovejoy St., Gail Testa to Jason Orloff, $35,000.

40 Prospect Ave., John Gutlovics, Marie Gutlovics to Dennis Stoiber, $76,000.

423 Baynes, Christopher Antholzner, George Antholzner to Jeffrey Roach, Jessica Roach, $27,000.

150 Alturia St., Joseph Gavner, Catherine Meczkowski to Matthew O'Connell, Patrick O'Connell, $30,000.

73 Laforce Place, Thomas Serafin, Rebecca Trenkamp to Tami Tate, $50,500.

115 Claremont Ave., Richard Ciocca, Gary Greco to 115 Claremont Llc, $174,000.

38 Bickford Ave., Roger Naylor, Carolyn Naylor to Rosalie Leslie, $42,000.

150 Lexington, John Price, Diane Price to Kathleen Rooney, $220,000.

19 Hecla, Geraldine Lomanto, Lorraine Pantano to Raymond Mcknight, $72,000.

667 Lasalle Ave., Cornerstone Associates, Keith Canazzi to Carolyn Larimer, John Larimer, $35,000.

289 Rother, Kevin Abbatessa to Rose Combs, $15,300.

40 Trowbridge St., Paul Sadowski, Hildegard Sadowski to Joanne Michaels, $32,000.

408 Shirley Ave., Cornerstone Associates to Randall Peat, Marialice Peat, $47,000.

330 Herkimer St., David Poleon to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $41,775.

35 Brinton St., Nicholas Sucich to William Scott, $63,000.

268 West Tupper, Barbara Baker to Eric Fisher, $69,430.

140 Carmel Road, Peter Piccillo to Jerome Dunlavey, $105,000.

135 Breckenridge St., Olga Kozlowska to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $25,051.

645 Amherst St., Thomas Canazzi, Jeffrey Mills to Jerome Hodges, $64,000.

27&41 East Utica St., Damien Weaver to Peter Coit, $8,000.

698 Prospect, Theresa Ranne, Theresa Myers to Jason Orloff, $43,000.

177 Landon St., Fay Austin to Timothy Austin, $29,000.

34 Pulaski St., Heide Stewart to First National Acceptance Co., $17,203.

93 Loepere, Kathleen Szafranek, Timothy Szafranek to Jeremy Tripp, $6,100.

690 Tacoma, Steven Czarniak to Sidney McGinnis, Cynthia McGinnis, $115,000.

24 Wohlers Ave., Systems Mortgage Electronic Registration to Rashid Patel, $9,900.

35 Eugene St., Barbara Troy to Veronica Thomas, $67,840.

295 Pennsylvania St., Victor Greico, Frank Greico to Anthony Santana, $36,250.

95 Hartwell Road, Illya Lasting to Hilary Hannah, $55,000.

801 S. Division, Hugh Lafferty, Hugh Lafferty to Jerome Przepasniak, $7,500.

91 Durham Ave., Kristine Rogers, 91 Durham Trust to Yolonda Lee, $45,000.

971 E. Lovejoy St., Paul Gaeta to Robert Miller, $34,500.

16 Alma, White Star Development Corp. to Sohail Sikander, $16,000.

176 Calais St., Dawn Bove to Jennifer Depumpo, $99,500.

317 Kehr St., HomeQ Servicing Corp., TMS Mortgage to Hussain Bhamani, $5,500.

31 Greene St., Orval Cott to Michael Swierczynski, Susan Swierczynski, $39,900.

81 Thompson St., Rita McManus to Jason Baker, $39,900.

217 Orleans, Theodore Ricciardelli to Charles Furoy, $26,500.

573 Potomac, Charter One Bank Na to Daniel Kelley, Natalie Kelley, $70,000.

212 Florida St., George Williams to First Union National Bank, $30,910.

30 Blake St., Anthony Palmer, Maureen Wagner to HSBC Mortgage Corp., Marine Midland Mortgage Corp., $54,984.

538 Stockbridge Ave., Migdalia Vega to James Lagona, Maria Lagona, $55,000.

19 Palos Place, Entrust Administration Inc., Robert Palano to James Lagona, Maria Lagona, $59,500.

285 Ludington St., Daniel Cefaratti, James Cefaratti to Kristi-Anne Stefanski, Christopher Stefanski, $25,000.

328 Lisbon Ave., William Logue, Pamela Logue to Christopher Moore, $50,000.

21 Gold St., Emil Propis to Michael Topper, $37,000.

167 Parkridge Ave., Keybank National Association to Landy Barnes, $43,200.

307 Parkridge, Gerald Wright, Lois Wright to Christopher Moore, $50,000.

452 Franklin St., Dixon Enterprises to Diana Carollo Realty Co., $165,000.

2224 Fillmore Ave., Gisela Nochimowski to Darshan Singh, Angela Singh, $7,600.

1249 Niagara St., Keybank National Association to United Exchange Properties Corp., $12,000.

79 Clarence St., Kenneth Schwemmer to James Croyle, $27,500.

4&6 Kent St., Conventuals of Franciscan Fathers Minor, Conventionals of Franciscan Fathers Minor to Thomas Handley, James Handley, $5,000.

66 E. Northrup Place, F. Lawvere, William Lawvere to Danilo Lawvere, Loretta Gmeinder, $60,000.

309 Middlesex Road, John Darby, Carolyn Darby to Amanda Simmons, Arthur Budington, $260,000.

500 Franklin St., Dixon Enterprises to Diana Carollo Realty Co., $200,000.

737 N. Division, Aaron Lam to J&F Property Resource Corp., $15,000.

1199 Elmwood Ave., Ruth Nelson, Ruth Nelson to Maleia Porter, $80,900.

265 Hagen, Rita Vezina, Frederic Vezina to Iverson Investment, $10,000.

127 Playter St., Alan Hannah to David Jones, $7,600.

210 Thompson St., Michelle Frank to Kelly Newton-Igel, Michael Welch, $18,000.

236 Millicent Ave., Peter Lupa, Hedwig Lupa to Kevin Bennett, Denise Bennett, $44,000.

54 Warren St., Louis Ayala to Kris Ryan, Herlinda Ryan, $13,000.

317 Kehr St., Alex Turner, Alex Turner to HomeQ Servicing Corp., $28,543.

31 Warren, Louis Ayala to Kris Ryan, Herlinda Ryan, $11,000.

159 Stevenson St., Sandra Carlo, Sandra Fabi to Farah Sharif, $68,000.

1132 E. Delavan, Yolanda Cubas to Kris Ryan, Herlinda Ryan, $15,000.

304 Taunton, Douglas Donaldson to Murray White, $75,000.

63 Barton St., Mohamed Khan to DLJ Mortgage, $50,021.

382 Winspear Ave., Martin Piersall to Sterling Associates, $35,000.

353 Vermont St., Adam White to Magdaleno Lopez, David Desilva, $29,000.

34 Butler, Vin-Mar Development Corp. to Terry Garris, $57,000.

540 Doat St., Henry L. Maciejewski Living Trust to Cornerstone Associates, $11,500.

104 Stevenson, Anthony Stetter, Darlene Stetter to Tuhran Gethers, Alanda Gethers, $64,500.

63 Fillmore Ave., Anna Mydlarz to Yosef Gruenstein, $27,600.

468 Shirley Ave., Cornerstone Associates to Randall Peat, Marialice Peat, $50,000.

126 Richfield Ave., Carol Budzinski to James Lomax, $63,900.

1339-1343 Fillmore Ave., Mary Watson, Mary Watson to Michael Berg, $12,500.

39 La Force Place, Mary Halsdorfer to Abdelelah Zomrawi, $17,500.

24 Baxter, Peter Golubic, Marija Golubic to Meryl Williams, $41,000.

17 Oakgrove Ave., Martha Turner, Margaret Turner to Lasalle Bank Na, $24,537.

52 Colfax Ave., Sonnie Betts to Lynette Jenkins, $53,000.

29 Hillside, Amy Lauber, Amy Ruff to Christopher Wincek, $35,000.

125 Albert Ave., Mark Wolf, Katherine Wolf to Sfjv-2002-1, $57,693.

102 Florence Ave., Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae to Jonas Fynch, $52,500.

504 Plymouth, Sarah Scarpello to Silva Rousian, $29,000.

321 Maryland St., Ronald Scott to Benjamin Breault, $50,000.

129 Herkimer St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association to Ernestine Morrell, $10,000.

2124 Genesee St., 2124 Genesee Trust to James Lagona, Maria Lagona, $46,000.

19 Mason St., Bruce Blair to Todays Development, $13,000.

85 Heussy Ave., Vito Bovo, Jean Bovo to Louis Ayala, $35,000.

252 Ontario St., Anthony Corto to Gary Hess, $52,500.

2074 Seneca St., Bertram Dunn to Brian Courtney, $5,000.

242 Weimar St., Elaina Manka, Timothy Manka to Martin Glinski, Sarah Guzzo, $52,250.

53 Peoria St., HUD to Rosalie Schostick, Frank Schostick, $15,555.

15 Weyand Ave., Magdalene Jalovick, Michael Jalovick to Joseph Pulvino, Delcey Pulvino, $35,000.


4400 Broadway, Metalworking Institute of Western New York to Qis Leasing, $525,000.

642 Borden Road, John Kessel, Darlene Kessel to Eqcc Trust 2001-2, $97,962.

642 Borden Road, Eqcc Trust 2001-2 to Christine Wanamaker, $70,000.

20 Anthony Ave., Charter One Bank Na to Ricky Hatton, $72,000.

176 Jackson Ave., Ehsan Bagheri to Fifth Gear, $13,100.

1236 Walden Ave., Cami Wittmeyer, Michael Wittmeyer to Philip Grey, $70,000.

72 Liberty Terrace, Susan Fleming to Liberty Terrace, $75,000.

28 W. Cherbourg Drive, Richard Case to John Malizia, Jennifer Malizia, $112,000.

27 Matthew Lane, Richard Taylor to Robert Redfern, Linda Redfern, $80,000.

74 Fairelm Lane, Dennis Krolczyk, Judith Krolczyk to Margaret Andrichuk, $106,500.

6 Mayfair Court, Peter Spinuzza to Gregory Doyle, $60,000.

165 Castlewood Drive, Dennis Dukat, Pamela Dukat to Rigoberto Rodriguez, Diane Rodriguez, $100,000.

1190 Maryvale Drive, Cayuga Associates to Edward Simmons, Rose Simmons, $80,560.

16 Wilshire Road, Frank Teresi to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota National Association, Mastr Asset Backed Securities Trust 2002-Opt1, $57,800.

607, 611-621 Aero Drive, Philip Desimone to Theodore Kulbacki, $1,250,000.

40 Loxley Road, Bankers Trust Co. of California, Pass Through Aames Mortgage Trust 2001-2 to Eric Haak, $39,900.

137 Diane Drive, Richard Witakowski, Mary Witakowski to Marie Ryszykow, Linda Heintz, $105,000.

69 Leigh St., Constance Ladowski, Stanley Ladowski to Carol Janis, Christine Hayden, $5,000.

4583 Union Road, Gerald Jackson to Todd Kendzierski, Elizabeth Kendzierski, $65,000.

77 Jessica Lane, Thomas Mysiak, Gwen Mysiak to Roger Wisniewski, Valerie Smith, $158,000.

119 Ludwig Ave., Florence Jagodzinski to Eric Cieslak, Lori Hinterberger, $89,900.

158 Rutland Ave., Carol Tatko to Paul Tatko, $65,000.

208 Roland St., Daniel Kipler, Melissa Kipler to Kenneth Nagel, $58,700.

42 Avery Place, Cornerstone Associates to Carolyn Larimer, John Larimer, $37,000.

62 Princeton Court, Alaska Seaboard Partners to New Path Properties, $43,000.

75 Strasmer Road, Mary Wroblewski, Norbert Elminowski to Joanne Skok, $67,500.

122 N. Transit Hill Drive, Geraldine Krause to Donald Matela, Norma Matela, $104,000.


Vacant land, Jones Road, Regent Sand & Gravel Corp. to Paul Blonski, Jacquelyn Blonski, $40,000.

5641 Transit Road, William-Jefferson Inc. to Summit Federal Credit Union, $700,000.

9642 Rosecroft Drive, Spaulding Green to Milazzo Builders, $79,900.

8470 Chadway Court, Angela Zimmerman to Michael Gianturco, Geraldine Gianturco, $270,000.

4212 Old Hickory Lane, John Greenwood, Patricia Greenwood to Michele Bernholz, $185,000.

8968 Connemara Lane, Essex Homes of WNY to Alden Schutte, $548,490.

9206 Lapp Road, Bonnie Krantz to Robert Cercone, Filomena Cercone, $210,000.

9070 Main St., Donald & Donna Noell Charitable Remainder Unitrust to JMF Properties, $215,000.

40 Ainsley, Paul Pumm, Barbara Pumm to Gerald Rosenbaum, Linda Rosenbaum, $261,000.

8480 Ericson Drive, James Rosenberry, Anne Sinnott to Doris Collins, $151,000.

5930 Creekview Drive, Robert Armstrong, Joanne Armstrong to Mark Lozinak, Susan Lozinak, $159,500.


3599 Route 39, Tina Luther, Dennis Luther to Citifinancial Mortgage Co., $23,651.


Vacant land, Davis Hill Road, Richard Janis, Elaine Janis to Dennis Haugh, $43,500.

12949 Transit Road, Richard Spencer to Betty Brown, $50,000.

28 Woodstock, August Werchowski, Rebecca Werchowski to David Schultz, $121,650.


2853 E. Pleasant Ave., Donald Liebler to Glenn Cowdrick, $77,380.


1649 Transit Road, Fischione Construction Co. to William Orlando, Carole Orlando, $400,000.

201 Hillside Drive, Joseph Kolaczynski, Cynthia Kolaczynski to William Snyder, Gail Snyder, $167,500.

1180 Girdle Road, Joseph Marciniak, Karen Marciniak to Daniel Grambo, Judy Grambo, $144,000.

430 East Center Road, Thomas McNamara, Kevin McNamara to Kevin McNamara, $70,000.

2741 Bowen Road, Kenneth Kaczka to Amy Hequembourg, Merle Emmons, $186,500.


6657-6667 Erie Road, Donald O'Donnell, Ruth O'Donnell to Joseph Larocca, $1,340,000.

1905 Sturgeon Point Road, Betty Grainer, Chester Grainer to Karen Wood, $65,000.

9831 Shorecliff Road, Donald White to James Kelley, Susan Kelley, $32,000.

9125 Stevenson, Mike Reinard to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $51,746.

376 Roat Drive, Paul Goehle, Dorothy Goehle to Nancy Pleban, $235,000.

6827 Colony Court, Scott Sagar, Alice Sagar to Steven Barber, Sarah Barber, $83,000.

1949 South Creek Road, Annette Frost to Joseph Quadrone, Tamara Quadrone, $75,900.

704 Bennett Road, Donn Corey to Lucian Visone, Grace Ellis, $53,500.

6588 Putnam Drive, James Forti, Linda Forti to Adam Golden, Kathryn Golden, $73,000.

7580 Southwestern Blvd., Mary Ostopowicz, Mary Ostopowicz to Gary Lawrence, Denise Lawrence, $156,500.


21 Parkview Drive, Joseph Loiselle, Mary Loiselle to Prudential Relocation, $238,750.

21 Parkview Drive, Prudential Relocation to Gayle Schutrum, L. Cannon, $219,000.

625 Colony Road, Betty Harris to John Brand, Kristen Brand, $230,000.

2083 Fix Road, Kathleen Shonitsky to Robert Goulding, Elizabeth Goulding, $199,280.

210 Woodstream, Peter Pitts, Teresa Pitts to Michael Gallagher, Lisa Gallagher, $204,000.

933 Ransom Road, Gary Brown, Patricia Brown to Frank Biancofiore, Carol Biancofiore, $152,000.


Vacant land, McKinley Parkway, Steven V. & Ruth F. Hadrych Family Trust to Glenn Wetzl, $212,500.

3448 McKinley Parkway, Civic Centers to Automotive Sound & Wireless Products, $480,000.

2305 Hazelwood Terrace, Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp. to Dalibor Stare, $138,500.

143 Martin Ave., John Carlin, Tina Carlin to Charles Harrison, $84,900.

2305 Hazelwood Terrace, Edward Wrobel to Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp., $164,500.

2314 Winterberry Drive, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to James Kane, Alice Kane, $225,083.

S4947 Parker Road, Thomas Lutz, Norma Lutz to Joseph Habeeb, $155,000.

119 E. Prospect Ave., David Metzen, Cindy Metzen to Judith Falkowski, $176,000.

3947 Autumnway Lane, Henry Jaszka, Krystyna Jaszka to Christopher Smith, Modesta Smith, $160,500.

6142 McKinley Parkway, Valerie Barth, Valerie Barth to Jacqueline Lepir, $117,000.

3693 Milestrip Road, HSBC Mortgage Corp., Marine Midland Mortgage Corp. to Elizabeth Wilbert, $43,000.

2850 Amsdell Road, Raymond Kent, Beverly Kent to Susan Hanley, $164,000.

32 Wanakah Heights, John Hummel, Joanne Hummel to John Gaunder, Katherine Gaunder, $38,000.

4284 Twilight Lane, Karl Kauder, Gary Kauder to Edward McNeight, $100,000.

55 Oakland Place, James Steffen, Maryanne Steffen to Tamara Bellanti, $147,000.

4570 Tomaka Drive, Carole Howe to Nicholas Dypka, Allisa Dypka, $79,900.

491 Pleasant Ave., Frederick Smigiel to Anthony Stetter, Darlene Stetter, $86,000.

2288 Penjurst Place, HUD to Anthony Ervolina, $35,100.

5528 Juno Drive, Earl Mohr, Bernice Mohr to Janice Nash, $114,900.

6154 Versailles Road, Thomas Doherty, Edith Doherty to Robert Wharen, Jean Wharen, $193,500.

1587 Sundance Trail, Shawn St. George to Brian Scott, Trisha Scott, $109,000.

3357 Creekview Drive, Mark Drumsta, Danielle Drumsta to Susan Naples-Pistole, $205,000.

3405 Dickens Road, Eugene Izzie, Virginia Izzie to Scott Allan, Ronald Zimmerman, $69,100.

6108 Hewson Road, Donato Homes to Charles Orzechowski, $35,000.

3062 Lyth, Edward Draper, Joanne Draper to Lawrence Prenatt, Kelly Prenatt, $92,000.

4308 Manor Lane, Norman Prentice to Bruce Bellagamba, Sharon Scinta, $133,800.


242 Canada St., Jackie Closson to Jennifer Hoag, $58,000.

13093 Sanders Hill Road, Celeste Bernard, Celeste Kemmerer to Robert Wiskup, $136,000.

13616 Whitney Road, Norman Rausche to Patricia Reinard, $219,000.


27 Grape Ave., Michael Orlowski, Linda Orlowski to Wachovia Bank of Delaware National Association, $69,593.

27 Grape Ave., Wachovia Bank of Delaware National Assocation to Robert Taylor, Renae Taylor, $24,500.

1311 and 1317 Abbott Road, Joseph Klas Living Trust to Jarrett Capodicasa, Gregg Piechnik, $90,000.

37 Myrtle Ave., Diane Basinski, Diane Pikula to James Edmunds, $10,000.

136 Leonard St., Ann Kolenko, Frances Straczuk to Edward Norton, Sharon Greaves, $89,900.

65 Majestic Terrace, Abdo Attia, Mariam Attia to Patrick Holleran, $113,000.


36 Marky Ave., AC Properties IV to Kevin Vincent, $103,000.

29 St. Anthony St., Balper Enterprises to Dennis Dukat, Pamela Dukat, $35,000.

31 S. Kokomo, Craig Werynski, Craig Werynski to Brian Caradori, Rebecca Nicometi, $64,000.

39 Robert Drive, State of New York Mortgage Agency to Scott Beyer, $97,500.

1720 Como Park Blvd., Mary Roland, Mary Hatt to William Ostrander, $162,000.

56 Cotton St., Sandra Schultz to Mark Czarnecki, $61,700.

38 Pheasant Run Lane, Thomas Clark, Jean Clark to James Rusinski, Susanmarie Rusinski, $191,850.

5256 William St., Mildred Benson, Eric Benson to 5256 William Street Inc., $85,000.

81 Parkview Court, Carl Messina, Margaret Messina to Paul Goehle, Dorothy Goehle, $72,000.

19 Meridian St., Judith Filipski to Paul Reinecke, $32,000.

420 Harris Hill Road, Jean Gordon to Aok Real Properties, $210,000.


Vacant land, Clinton Street, Robert Lemke, Nancy Lemke to Stephen Schaffer, Lori Schaffer, $29,900.

1916 Three Rod Road, TMS Builders to David Bailey, Jacqueline Bailey, $228,580.

3403 Three Rod Road, John Gallagher, Ann Gallagher to Timothy Gallagher, $150,000.

2103 Fawn Drive, Thomas Kolarczyk, Judith Kolarczyk to Michael Yerina, Kimberly Yerina, $198,136.


7 John St., Citifinancial Co., Commercial Credit Plan of Georgetown to Steven Simmermaker, Lynette Simmermaker, $34,900.

23 Hoag Ave., Gerald Bistoff, Joan Bistoff to Michael King, $85,000.

40 Eckerson Ave., Michael Baran, Jennifer Baran to Joseph Elis, $63,600.


10384 Rocky Mountain Road, Martin Antholzner, Jean Antholzner to John Snodgrass, $155,500.


340 Vistula Ave., Wayne Taneff, Judith Taneff to Gregory Northway, $111,000.

24 Templeton Trail, Barrington Heights to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of WNY, $64,800.

5925 Scherff Road, Liam O'Bannion, Anna Kourelis to Wayne Taneff, $298,000.


13499 Grove St., Anna Jackson, Anne Jackson to Rodney Franz, Lynette Franz, $34,000.

11439 Olean Road, C. Marthinsen to Nancy Napora, $125,000.


74 Delaware Ave., Joseph Neddy to Lake Vista Properties, $23,000.

66 Douglas St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Heidi Wagner, $24,500.

10 Bouck, J&F Property Resource Corp. to Jill Grabski, $59,900.

223 Canton St., John Kelley, Nancy Kelley to Keybank National Association, $50,100.


279 Wrexham Court North, Sara Brown, John Brown to Amanda Atwood, $88,500.

265 Westchester Blvd., Dolores Smith to Daniel Siciliano, Erika Zimmerman, $76,000.

304 Mang Ave., Michele Bank to Robert Scruggs, Melanie Scruggs, $75,000.

78 Fairbanks Ave., Margarethe Vandette to Teresa Massa, $95,000.

276 Zimmerman, Linda Burr to Samuel Burruano, $65,000.

60 Columbia Blvd., Angela Vaccaro to Nancy Lampman, $115,000.

457 Thorncliff Road, Patricia Kosis to Melissa Gmerek, $125,000.

165 Wabash Ave., Peter Tomasello, Joann Tomasello to Marc Mansell, Donna Mansell, $128,500.

673 Parkhurst Blvd., Marc Mansell, Donna Mansell to Bruce Chapin, Patricia Chapin, $110,600.

133 Byron Ave., Michael Etu, Kristin Etu to Ruth Hollander, $99,000.

17 Wrexham Court, Richard Coleman to Tonia Hite, $87,500.

43 Klauder Road, Walter Burzinski to Thomas Heiser, $60,000.

56 Dorset Drive, Arline Criden to Eliot Lazar, Julie Lazar, $165,500.

152 Sawyer Ave., Dennis Laughlin to Robert Vandewater, $5,500.

80 Lasalle Ave., HUD to William Schmitt, Noel Schmitt, $47,555.

64 Tulane Road, Vladimir Sarkisova, Rita Sarkisova to Christopher Day, $93,000.

119 Heath Terrace, Amy Lestition, Abby Lestition to Brian Peterson, $84,800.

337 Abbington Ave., Josephine Mendola, Robert Mendola to Lisa Dagustine, $90,000.

18 Lorna Lane Court, Leonard Zambito to Frank Zambito, Beverly Zambito, $100,000.

372 Woodstock Ave., Harold Miles to Timothy Aust, $50,000.

708 Montrose Ave., Lynn Kelschenbach to Joseph Kaye, Kathy Kaye, $59,000.

86 Mallory Ave., Lorraine Nachreiner to J. Ferrentino Enterprises, $135,000.

1703 Parker Blvd., Victor Guerra, Victor Guerra to Countrywide Home Loans, $77,500.

1255 Colvin Blvd., Paul De Bakker, Colette De Bakker to Frank Del Nuovo, $128,000.

29 Kohler St., Herbert Schroeder, Herbert Schroeder to Daniel Wiktorowski, $10,000.

802 Starin Ave., Chris Josef, Lynn Josef to Georgina Gleave, $123,700.

40 Allegany Ave., Eric Brunger, Carole Lawrence to Douglas Leising, $125,000.

131 Avon Road, James Caputi, Janet Caputi to Mariel Maida, $75,900.

256 Sawyer Ave., Onex Inc. to Dennis Laughlin, Trina Laughlin, $290,000.


6296 Maple Hill Road, A. Tober to Edward Monheim, $400,000.

12435 Warner Hill Road, Sandra Breslin, Patrick Breslin to Ronald Persons, $102,000.


20 Mosside Loop, Thomas Greenauer to Burke Homes, $35,000.

18 Glenfield Drive, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Santo Vitrano, Margaret Vitrano, $214,504.

27 Mayfield Drive, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Gerald Wojcinski, Louann Wojcinski, $218,326.

4184 Clinton St., Thomas Kondziela, Marlene Kondziela to Robert Janosz, $139,000.

9 Mosside Loop, Summit Village Llc to Keith Mobley, Elizabeth Mobley, $202,925.

26 Parkside Drive, Richard Francescone, Frank Francescone to Bryan Lawrence, Kristin Lawrence, $105,060.

31 Mayfield Drive, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Dennis Krolczyk, Judith Krolczyk, $191,500.

164 Wildwood Place, Michael Galluzzi, Deborah Galluzzi to Tatyana Biskup, $57,000.

1 Carla Lane, William Parks to Natalie Caputy, $159,500.

443 Meadow Drive, William Phelps, Vicky Phelps to Ronald Terceros, Julie Terceros, $148,500.

4907 Seneca St., Raymond Ball, Susan Ball to Mark Majewicz, Kelly Majewicz, $98,500.

8 Pine Court, Louis Escobar, Esperanza Escobar to John Wszalek, Paula Pendrak, $175,000.

175 Burch Ave., HUD to Nicholas Rossi, $35,000.

65 Tim Tam Terrace, Jerome Suplicki to Kenneth Zak, $108,000.

193 Greenmeadow Drive, Daniel Imiola, Lynette Imiola to Thomas Holtz, Sherry Holtz, $129,000.

79 Naples, John Locastro to Joseph Redlinski, $128,000.

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