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As a frequent library user, I would hate to see our libraries close due to budget cuts. On the other hand, what are our elected officials to do? Where is the money to come from? We are all doing more than our share with school taxes, property taxes, sales taxes and other fees. Businesses have been tapped so much that they are forced to leave the state.

It is time to review and responsibly cut expenses. We also need to consider other sources of revenue. We could sell some of the accumulated collections of rare books and manuscripts that the library owns. Is it easy to part with these items? Of course not, but they are a luxury that we can no longer afford. We all know that there could be some library consolidation, which could result in big cost savings. Selling off property and furnishings of the underutilized branches could be another source of funds.

Our forefathers responded to challenges by showing that Americans can sacrifice for the greater good. We all need to sacrifice now and stop asking the government to throw more money at every problem. After all, it is our money they are spending. We need to show more determination, courage and creativity to solve the difficult problems and be more fiscally responsible.

Mary A. Pici

Orchard Park

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