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Photos of troops in combat are a powerful reminder of the work of our armed forces as they undertake dangerous missions around the world. Yet an Associated Press picture in the Nov. 10 News presents a disturbing aspect of the reality of combat. A wounded soldier on a stretcher is shown being evacuated while medical personnel perform CPR. The caption reports that they are working to save his life. The picture clearly shows the face of the soldier and the blood covering his body.

I cannot help wondering if this soldier's family saw this photo, perhaps before they were informed of his condition. As the parent of a Marine lieutenant recently returned from Afghanistan and about to depart for Iraq, I can only imagine the anguish such a photo would cause all who knew the injured man. Deployments cause enough stress for families and friends of the members of our armed services. Perhaps some sensitivity could be shown in publishing such photos without compromising the obligations of journalists to keep the public informed.

Veronica Cavan


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