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The incidents of vandalism and even of assault involving campaign headquarters and placards of the major parties during the last days of the campaign were the worst I have ever seen. But no matter how long the divisive aftereffects of the campaign linger, someday we're again going to have to act like one country.

We need to work together on the domestic issues that have been neglected during the war -- issues vitally important to low- and middle-income workers, such as Head Start, food stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and unemployment benefits. We will need to lobby Congress to pass suitable legislation and to seek support for these bills from progressive-minded media.

In lobbying for these measures, it's best to work with an advocacy group that shares our concerns. There's strength in numbers. RESULTS, the advocacy group I belong to, specializes in lobbying for bills that deal with poverty and hunger issues. The number of children living in poverty and going hungry is scandalous. Working with advocates who have been on the other side of the political fence during the campaign to get Congress to pass appropriate bills will go a long way to heal wounds left by the campaign.

Kenneth J. Rummenie

Group Leader, RESULTS Buffalo

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