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As we approach the holiday season, I'd like to express my opinion about why I can't wait to leave town. I've always found Christmas a difficult time to deal with, and it will be especially hard this year since my mom passed away.

I remember when "Christmastime" began the day after Thanksgiving and lasted until Dec. 25. Now we are inundated with Christmas shopping the day after Halloween. Why do we need all the sales, trees and decorations crammed down our throats so early? By the time Christmas is here, I am totally sick of the holiday.

I work downtown, and we have only one radio station that comes in clearly. Starting Thanksgiving Day, it will be playing nonstop Christmas music. Isn't hearing one or two songs an hour enough?

It's no wonder we are sick to death of Christmas by the time it gets here. When I'm told to buy, buy, buy, it's time to go bye, bye, bye. I know that Christmas will be great this year -- I'll be on board the Queen Mary 2, away from Christmas being shoved down my throat 2 4/7 .

Toni Barone