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Kathleen Parker's column about "ordinary people" made me sad for all Americans. Just because she can write cleverly doesn't make her an authority on what the United States needs. Nor does a 3 percent majority of voters.

As a pediatrician for 25 years, I care for kids and their families -- without political, financial or religious tags. All people deserve equal care regardless of their beliefs or status. People should have wellness of body and spirit, including freedom of expression in any aspect of life (marriage or otherwise) they encounter.

Parker's holier-than-thou opinion castigates these Americans' personhood and puts those who voted for Bush on a pedestal. There is no actual connection of her "logic" to the real-life difficulties our fellow Americans have experienced thanks to the so-called moral behavior of the president and his handlers. Bomb, bullet and gun makers are the happy recipients of his policies -- not the middle class, poor and other souls he will neglect or harm over the next four years.

Robert J. Schulman, M.D.


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