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Andrew Rudnick, president of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, has taken issue with a delay in legislation that would continue low-cost power for businesses in Western New York. Everyone wants our businesses to have low-cost power. However, there are other areas of our state that are equally economically depressed that are seeking to obtain this same benefit. Sen. Dale Volker should be applauded for his patience toward ensuring other areas of the state share in this low-cost energy. Volker's ability to effectively represent his district relies heavily upon his ability to work with other members of state government. This ability has made him one of our most powerful state senators.

What Rudnick fails to realize is that this is a win-win situation. If businesses in other parts of New York can receive low-cost power they, too, will be able to grow and prosper. I hope Rudnick's criticism doesn't give the power company leverage in the talks aimed at providing low-cost energy to as many businesses across New York as possible.

Fred Kintzel


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