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1. Pittsburgh Steelers
Best wishes to legendary radio color man Myron Cope, who's recovering from a concussion. (3)
2. New England Patriots
Legal Seafoods on weekend agenda. (2)
3. Philadelphia Eagles
Can shaky Dallas corners contain T.O.? (1)
4. Indianapolis Colts
Dungy follows Marv's stay-the-course approach. (5)
5. Minnesota Vikings
Nate Burleson was prime-time fantasy player Monday night. (4)
6. Atlanta Falcons
By default. Nobody is worthy of No. 6 -- or No. 7 -- or No. 8! (6)
7. San Diego Chargers
Marty Schottenheimer is channeling brain waves of Don Coryell. (7)
8. Green Bay Packers
Series with Vikes tied, 42-42-1. (8)
9. Denver Broncos
Good enough to lose in first round of playoffs. (9)
10. Baltimore Ravens
Ray Lewis was holding on clinching INT versus Browns. (10)
11. N.Y. Jets
Jets were smart to pick up Quincy Carter. (6)
12. Seattle Seahawks
Can we cut the playoffs to eight teams this year? (14)
13. Kansas City Chiefs
Too high, I know. But who wants to face this offense? (9)
14. N.Y. Giants
Defense suddenly in shambles. (8)
15. Jacksonville Jaguars
David Garrard gets 15 minutes of fame. (10)
16. Houston Texans
Andre Johnson salivating over Colt corners. (13)
17. St. Louis Rams
Should be wild game against 'Hawks today. (16)
18. Detroit Lions
Matt Millen not looking so stupid. (18)
19. Dallas Cowboys
With Tuna on warpath, will players respond? (19)
20. Tennessee Titans
Expecting boffo outing by Team Fisher after bye week rest. (22)
21. Washington Redskins
Run, Clinton, run. (23)
22. Cleveland Browns
Four-point spread today is surprisingly low. (20)
23. Cincinnati Bengals
Look like pumpkins in new orange shirts. (21)
24. Buffalo Bills
Bills are in Pats' division but not yet in their league. (25)
25. Tampa Bay
Bob Griese should not be in the Hall of Fame. (26)
26. Arizona Cardinals
Progress: Laid only one egg in eight games. (28)
27. Chicago Bears
Krenzel is Flutie-esque in his ability to win. (29)
28. Oakland Raiders
Wondering whatever happened to Hewritt Dixon? (31)
29. New Orleans Saints
Cadavers. (24)
30. San Francisco 49ers
Least interesting team in NFL. (30)
31. Carolina Panthers
Penthouse to the outhouse. (27)
32. Miami Dolphins
Ricky, sunning in Bora Bora, makes condolences call to Wannstedt . . . collect. (32)

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