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"Gwyneth Paltrow has that thing that is so rare. It's not just acting. There's a kind of magnetism about her. She comes on the set, does her job and goes home, and I like that. Like Jodie Foster. I admire that in people, instead of having to wade through a lot of crap."

So says Anthony Hopkins, who stars with Paltrow in the coming Mike Nichols movie, "Proof." Hopkins' comments appear in the Classic Hollywood issue of November's Los Angeles magazine.

Others queried in this issue include Cloris Leachman, Tab Hunter, production designer Henry Bumstead, screenwriter Fay Kanin, producer Dino De Laurentiis ("The audience is always right!" intones Dino), film editor Anne Coates, MGM goddess Cyd Charisse and novelist Jackie Collins ("It's interesting in Hollywood now. They either all look like total hookers or are very plain!").

Also in the lineup, blond survivor Mamie Van Doren. Mamie insists she invented the '50s bullet bra and that Henry Kissinger once wanted her, and how, after spotting Tony Curtis "prancing around" in his "Spartacus" loincloth, she thought, "My God, I've got to see what's under that!"

And, she says, she did.

John Travolta will be the 20th honoree saluted by the Museum of the Moving Image Dec. 5 at the Waldorf. So far, slated to praise John are James Gandolfini, Kathy Bates, Oprah Winfrey and, of course, the talented actress to whom he is married, Kelly Preston. John is the real comeback kid of movies -- he's been up, down and around and always lands stronger than ever. And he gets better-looking, too! I'm still waiting for John to reteam with Uma Thurman.

Donald Trump has been named one of GQ's "Men of the Year." He's listed as "Bossman." Trump, not now or ever a shrinking violet, says: "I definitely deserve it. I kid when I say that. But perhaps not so much kidding." That's why we love Donald. He is unabashedly what he is. And it works.

Robert Wagner, still a stylish charmer, reveals that he and the late legend Barbara Stanwyck had a five-year affair. He was 22. She was 45. (They both starred in the 1953 movie "Titanic.") Wagner says: "It was not public. It was hidden. It just couldn't come out. Today, it wouldn't make any difference." Wagner recalls the romance as "great ... and I loved her very much." Later, he married Natalie Wood, then Marion Donen, then Natalie again. (Natalie and RJ were still married at the time of her terrible drowning death. He is now wed to Jill St. John.)

Carly Simon -- famously audience-shy -- is set to perform what is being called "Miracle on 125th Street." This will be a two-night-only concert, Dec.17-18, at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Carly is to be joined by gospel great BeBe Winans and Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20. Get your tickets now! This is Carly's first concert appearance in a decade. Call 212-307-7171.

Hollywood History of a sort happens Nov. 18 on the Oxygen Channel. Carrie Fisher sits down to interview her dad, singer Eddie Fisher. He is the man who abandoned her, her brother, Todd, and their mother, Debbie Reynolds, for femme fatale deluxe, Elizabeth Taylor. Carrie says to Dad at one point: "I do think you are childlike, and I think you have trouble taking care of yourself, and I don't think it's any wonder that you could never take care of your children in a normal way."

Taylor loathes Eddie, by the way, because he fought her on money and talked out of school.

Olympic silver medalist Nancy Kerrigan has had to leave the "Broadway on Ice" tour, which was to begin Nov. 23 in Palm Springs, Calif. Good reason, however. She is 12 weeks pregnant. She'll rejoin the show next year. Oksana Baiul replaces her.

Liam Neeson is a serious guy and a serious actor. But he has one extravagance -- shoes. Liam tells Entertainment Weekly, "I'm like Imelda Marcos. I just have a thing about shoes. If they're not right, it totally throws me, because it's the base of your column, your whole center of gravity." Oh, and I was hoping for something a bit more frivolous or sexy. After all, Liam's new movie, "Kinsey," is about the life of the famous doctor of desire and explainer of fetish.

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