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Coming-out party ...
It was the breast of times; it was the worst of times.

As "American Pie" starlet and tabloid regular Tara Reid smiled and blew kisses recently to the army of paparazzi outside New York's Cipriani restaurant for P. Diddy's birthday bash, the left strap of her dress slipped down, revealing a complete lack of cross-your-heart support, reports Oddly, she didn't feel the sudden draft and posed happily for several more seconds before a publicist yanked up her dress. "I took off my jacket and my strap fell off. It was awful," said a mortified Reid. "The photographers were like lunatics, high-fiving each other in front of me. It was so embarrassing."

But Reid shouldn't fret too much about her wardrobe malfunction, says the New York Daily News: It can only help the TV sitcom she's developing. "It's about an actress who gets in trouble with the tabloids but has a good heart," she said. "It's based on me. Trouble just follows her."

Legal woes ...
Burt Reynolds is seeking deliverance from a former girlfriend who allegedly threatened to accuse the actor of abuse if he didn't pay her millions.

Ripping a page from the Bill O'Reilly playbook, the "Smokey and the Bandit" star filed a pre-emptive extortion suit this week in Palm Beach County, Fla., against Pamela Seals, his live-in girlfriend for nearly a decade. The suit charges that Seals, 48, falsely accused Reynolds, 68, of yelling at her and stomping on her toes. According to Reynolds, Seals vowed to go public with the charges if he didn't agree to support her and her mother, as well as cut her in on his spread in Jupiter, Fla.

Reynolds' lawyer, Bob Montgomery, said Seals turned down the actor's settlement offer of $1 million. Montgomery argued that, under Florida law, Seals is entitled to nothing because she and Reynolds were never married. Seals' lawyer, Mark Maynor, claimed in an interview that Reynolds had physically and emotionally abused Seals during a 16-year relationship.

Thanks, but no thanks ...
Colin Farrell says he isn't interested in becoming the next James Bond, reports

In an interview to discuss his upcoming film Alexander, Farrell, 28, was asked about a suggestion by the outgoing James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, last week that he get the job.

"The idea of me playing James Bond got into the press, but it is not true," Farrell said. "I would not like to do it -- they should find someone the audience has no history with."

The Irish actor stars in Oliver Stone's "Alexander," slated to open in late November.

Sweet vindication ...
The artist formerly known as Cat Stevens has received a peace prize from a foundation headed by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

Yusuf Islam was to attend Wednesday's ceremony in Rome to get the Man for Peace award from Gorbachev and Mayor Walter Veltroni, said Enzo Cursio, a spokesman for the Gorbachev Foundation. In September, the British musician who wrote the song "Peace Train" was expelled from the United States after authorities diverted his London-to-Washington flight to Maine to remove him, saying he was suspected of ties to terrorism. He says he was a victim of an "unjust and arbitrary system," and that he has denounced terrorism.

Islam will receive the award "for his dedication to promote peace, the reconciliation of people and to condemn terrorism."

Duff belts out her pain ...
Has the Hillary Duff-Lindsay Lohan feud over Aaron Carter found its way into Duff's new CD?

USA Today suggests that Duff, 17, is targeting fellow teen-queen Lohan, onetime rival for the affections of Carter, with a song called "Haters." It contains the immortal rhymes, "You're the queen of superficiality/Keep your lies out of my reality." Also the barb: "You say your boyfriend's sweet and kind / But you've still got your eyes on mine."

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