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Slip-sliding along

Saturday, when chanteuse Nikki Hicks serenaded Le Metro, she gave a whole new meaning to the idea of slipping into something more comfortable. Hicks began the evening in hot-looking beige boots with high heels. Four songs into the set, she couldn't take it any more, and put on her "house shoes" -- red fuzzy slippers. Hicks confessed candidly that hot as the boots were, they were from Payless and they were killing her feet. With the slippers, she could move around again: She even got the band to give her a longer microphone cord so she could go around to people's tables. In short, these boots weren't made for walking, but those slippers sure were. Now, if we could all get to wear slippers on the job...

Etiquette help, $1

In case you missed it, Miss Manners was in town last weekend, cleverly dressed as a panhandler on Allen Street. The disguise was good. You couldn't recognize her. But the truth will come out, and it did late on Friday night, when a friend of Buzz's and her date were strolling down the street after dinner at the Rue Franklin. The panhandler asked for dough. The gentleman handed over a dollar or two. Gallant, right? Not according to the panhandler. "Let me give you some advice," he said. "The woman walks on the inside of the sidewalk. The gentleman walks on the outside." What do they say about wisdom? It comes at a price.

Regular guys

You know how at airports, you can tell the Buffalo gate because everyone is wearing sweatshirts, watching the Bills and yelling? It's the same on the Internet. Just scan the personals on Most ads bear tags like "Peace, Love and Understanding," and "I'm Adjusting -- How About You?" But these are guys from Seattle and San Diego. The Buffalo guys are something else. One identifies himself as "Absinthe Drinker." Another, whose mantra is "Work hard, play hard" writes: "I don't make the music -- I make it louder!" A third guy, who calls himself "Swamp Rock," describes himself as "rocket scientist/underwear model." Guys, please. You're an embarrassment.

Stumblin' to the chapel

Buzz is getting married in a few weeks. Watch for our picture. You'll be able to tell us by the frightened look on our face -- people always said getting married was scary, we didn't believe them, and now look. A few weeks ago, we were checking out wedding doodads at Party City, and the store echoed with Halloween noises of shrieks and creaking doors. We felt like the bride of Frankenstein! This week, we ended up in one of those dreaded bridal shops. An aggressive woman kept saying, "OK, gorgeous, try this on." What were we, 17? And she kept talking about "my brides," as in: "My brides like a tiara in front and the veil in back." Oh, dear, we couldn't help thinking. Already, we're somebody's property!
The buzz

Seen on the same beat-up Chevy: bumper stickers reading: "Tree-hugging Dirt Worshiper," "I Scare My Own Family" and "Eve Was Framed." Isn't Halloween over with? ... How's this for turning your life around: At an upscale downtown restaurant, we overheard a natty waiter cheerfully telling a diner: "I remember you! You arrested me once!" ...


"Caucasian (sigh) like milk toast" Buffalo guy identified as mrteachersir, in personal ad on, identifying his ethnicity


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