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It's hard to see President Bush being any more humble than he was four years ago. Then, with the help of a 5-4 vote by the Supreme Court, he had reason to be humble. Instead, he claimed a mandate, implying an endorsement from a higher authority.

This time, with a narrow win in Ohio, he didn't need lawyers and judges to claim victory. And with Republican gains in the House and Senate, humility must be the furthest thing from Bush's mind.

Although voters bought the "stay the course" mantra, I'm not so sure it applies to Iraq. A week before the election, Vice President Cheney was saying what a remarkable success our venture in Iraq has been. This on the heels of mounting daily insurgent attacks and Iraqi casualties. Bush still wants to conduct the war on the cheap, while his generals keep asking for more troops. We must step up the training and equipping of the locals and make sure they are not just cannon fodder for the insurgents.

Richard A. Kamprath

Town of Tonawanda

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