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Every so often, along comes someone who's doing well and really deserves to do so. As I finished reading The News article about Buffalo Games and its owners, Paul and Eden Dedrick, I thought about this.

A few years ago, out of the blue, Paul Dedrick offered to make a puzzle of an 1892 Springville map. At that time, the Concord Historical Society was struggling to raise money for restoration work on the Pop Warner Museum.

We furnished him with the old map and the next thing we knew, many boxes filled with puzzles arrived. There was no fanfare or request for an elaborate thank you, and no money exchanged hands except that which came from the advertising on the back of the box. The Dedricks returned even that to us.

Many people have purchased these puzzles and have enjoyed them. They've added to our historic stance and put money in the till. These are the kind and generous people of Buffalo Games. We're lucky to have them living in our town!

Margaret Mayerat

President, Concord Historical Society