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MOVIES: Opening today, "Polar Express" (G); Friday, "After the Sunset" (PG-13, Pierce Brosnan); Nov. 19, "SpongeBob SquarePants" and "National Treasure" (PG adventure starring Nicolas Cage); Nov. 24, "Christmas With the Kranks" (PG).

NEW ON VIDEO/DVD: Arrived Friday, "Shrek 2"; arrived Tuesday, "Stepford Wives"; coming Tuesday, "Chronicles of Riddick" and "Elf"; Nov. 23, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," "The Terminal" and "Sleepover"; Nov. 30, "Spider-Man 2" and "Hero" and "Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius" (golf movie starring Jim Caviezel); Dec. 7, "The Bourne Supremacy" and "Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid" and "Dodgeball"; Dec. 14, "I Robot" and extended version DVD of "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King."

THEATER: Nov. 11 to 28, the Rockettes in Radio City Music Spectacular, Shea's Performing Arts Center; Jan. 4-9, "The Producers," Shea's; Feb. 24-April 3, "Disney's the Lion King" at Shea's.

Calling all high school students with work experience. Write an original essay (500 words max) about how a part-time or summer job positively affected your life, for a shot at a $1,000 prize or two $500 prizes in's High School Essay Contest. Entries must be postmarked by Nov. 19 and should be appropriate for a general-interest, family-oriented publication. Winners will be notified by Dec. 3. Winning essays will be posted on Entrants must submit a cover page with name and full address, e-mail address, age, phone number, how you learned about the contest and name of high school. Submit a double-spaced typed essay on just one side of the paper and staple essay in the left corner. Mail essays to: High School Student Essay Contest/Attn: Heather Moose Student Relations Manager SnagAJob, Inc./5300 South Laburnum Ave., Richmond, VA 23231

Election Day has come and gone. But honestly, couldn't we all use a little love after the snarky, political nit picking of the election season?

To remedy the situation, we suggest sending your friends a note. No, not an electronic wanna-be note that we have become so accustomed. Send her a real note, on real stationery, with real stamps. Our pick? Found Hearts notecards, a collage of photos by Rick Ruggles.

According to Ruggles' Web site, in the fall of 2000 he noticed a pothole in the shape of a heart. From there, he began noticing hearts everywhere -- and starting taking pictures of each heart he found. These notecards collect just a few of the thousands he has in his collection. Get the set of 12 notecards, six each of two different collages, from Ruggles' Web site at (by clicking on "cards") or from for about $15.

"I love to sail. It's something that's calmed me down."

-- Actor Josh Lucas ("Sweet Home Alabama"), in People.

-- Knight Ridder Newspapers