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Well, here it is. We didn't think it existed -- sort of like Brigadoon. But it does: the one-and-only perfect holiday gift for that person on your list who reads only InStyle and Horse & Rider magazines.

It's called "People We Know, Horses They Love." And that pretty much sums it up.

Inside, you'll find glossy, glamorous spreads of Hollywood actors and actresses, supermodels and other celebrities and semi-celebrities, posed alongside the horses they own, ride and love. Each celeb also ruminates a bit on the subject of horses in a short section of text accompanying the photos.

Make no mistake -- this book is mostly about the pictures.

Taken by photojournalist Linda Solomon, they are well done. They're also fun to look at, particularly for the way they reveal the approaches that these celebrity types take to riding -- look, Gisele Bundchen rides in jodphurs, sunglasses and a skimpy tank top! Kelsey Grammar comes off as much more real and laid-back, riding English but dressed in jeans and a plaid shirt. And Christie Brinkley, holy mackerel, does full-on cutting work in a Western outfit that's way more Deadwood than Rodeo Drive. Give the woman credit.

Some of the featured humans offer tidbits worth reading in the text, which was prepared by Jill Rappaport and Wendy Wilkinson based on interviews with the stars. (You may recognize Rappaport from her gig as entertainment correspondent on the NBC "Today" show; Wilkinson is described as an author and "equine publicist.")

"Some mornings I get up, saddle up and just ride," says Morgan Freeman, who owns a 124-acre ranch on the Mississippi Delta. "This is the time that I feel totally complete, totally liberated and totally alive."

And Dennis Quaid, who owns a 600-acre ranch outside Livingston, Mont. -- and who looks ultra-cool, by the way, riding his Appaloosa in an open field, wearing a white T-shirt, jeans and boots -- puts those feelings into words even more simply and eloquently.

"I love the way the world looks on horseback, the way it moves by," he says. "You get to know what the real important stuff is all about."

That's a sentiment every horse lover can appreciate. Whether we look like Bundchen in jodphurs, or not.

People We Know, Horses They Love

By Jill Rappaport and Wendy Wilkinson, photography by Linda Solomon

Rodale, 170 pages, $40

Charity Vogel is a News reporter and horse lover.