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1. Philadelphia Eagles
TO says: "I'm a highlight film." (2)
2. New England Patriots
Will need true grit effort to avoid loss No. 2 today. (1)
3. Pittsburgh Steelers
Duce could run wild against former Eagle mates. (6)
4. Minnesota Vikings
With Packers on deck, Tice would be smart to rest Moss. (3)
5. Indianapolis Colts
Peyton may need 400 yards to outduel Culpepper. (5)
6. N.Y. Jets
Namath once had 3 INTs, 2 completions in wind, rain at Ralph. (7)
7. Atlanta Falcons
Vick has 463 rushing yards. (16)
8. N.Y. Giants
S Gabril Wilson bidding for rookie of year. (17)
9. Kansas City Chiefs
Starting climb out of giant hole. (13)
10. Jacksonville Jaguars
David Garrard warming up for relief stint at QB. (4)
11. Denver Broncos
Heads still spinning from Mike Vick Thrill Ride. (8)
12. Baltimore Ravens
Last four road tilts at Jets, Pats, Colts, Steelers. (9)
13. Houston Texans
Have not allowed a TD in six quarters. (11)
14. Seattle Seahawks
Receiving corps is all banged up. (10)
15. San Diego Chargers
Brees has 11 TDs, 1 INT in last five games. (15)
16. St. Louis Rams
First game vs. Pats since Mike Martz blew Super Bowl XXXVI. (14)
17. Green Bay Packers
Three cheers for Brett Favre. (18)
18. Detroit Lions
To find Lions' running game, take second exit past Pathetic. (12)
19. Dallas Cowboys
For Dallas, Buffalo is the gift that keeps on giving. (21)
20. Cleveland Browns
Better be fired up for return of Jamal Lewis. (19)
21. Cincinnati Bengals
Palmer must burn Cowboy corners. (20)
22. Tennessee Titans
McNair needs bye-week rest. (22)
23. Washington Redskins
So much for the Redskins predicting election outcome. (23)
24. New Orleans Saints
Need a big day from Deuce McAllister. (24)
25. Buffalo Bills
Jets defense to Bills offense: Who's your daddy? (29)
26. Tampa Bay
Does Monte Kiffin have tricks up his sleeve for Chiefs? (25)
27. Carolina Panthers
You know John Fox would love to paste one on Boys of Al. (26)
28. Arizona Cardinals
Aim to break 17-game road skid in Miami. (27)
29. Chicago Bears
Impossible not to root for Craig Krenzel. (32)
30. San Francisco 49ers
Where have you gone, Roger Craig? (30)
31. Oakland Raiders
Every man for himself! (28)
32. Miami Dolphins
Ricky day-trading on Nikkei to make up $8M he owes Fish. (31)

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