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The Buffalo Bills have been around since 1960 and basically have had three great eras. The Lou Saban times, the Chuck Knox years, and of course, Marv Levy's Super Bowl run. I would blame Ralph Wilson for the current bad times and the past years of futility for this sometimes-storied franchise.

Knox was really the only big name brought in by Wilson. He had a great run in Los Angeles, and Wilson signed him in 1978. Levy was brought in when Hank Bullough was canned in 1986. Levy was a coach Kansas City fired previously. Levy struck it rich with a roster of talent but could never get the Bills over the hump or have their fingers sized for the Super Bowl ring despite four consecutive attempts. A quick look at Ralph's coaches since Lou Saban:

A. Saban. Good one, won two titles. Took none of Wilson's baloney.

B. Joel Collier. Defensive whiz, failed as head coach.

C. Harvey Johnson. A bigger joke. Did all for Ralph, including washing his office windows.

D. John Rauch. Won in Oakland, bombed in Buffalo, insulted vets.

E. Jim Ringo. Replaced Saban. Electric Company is claim to fame.

F. Kay Stevenson. A joke. Handsome, should have run for office.

G. Wade Phillips. Good defensive coach, bad head coach.

H. Gregg Williams. Same as Phillips. Enough said.

I. Hank Bullough. Dumbest coach in NFL history.

J. Mike Mularkey. Donahoe yes man. Jury still out.

Added up, you get what you pay for. Some terrible choices led to tough times for Bills fans. Three good-to-great eras of Bills football and the rest were struggles to gain respectability. While Wilson paid many of his star players well, at times you must pay the best coach to finish the job. Perhaps a "name" coach would never come to Buffalo, but money talks. As long as the slug types mentioned above continue to fill the chair in the coaches office at One Bills Drive, the Bills' loyal fans will never get the Vince Lombardi Trophy they covet more than just about anything.

Joe Zanghi


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