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The News once again rears its ugly, liberal bias. Seldom have I read a list of political endorsements so utterly devoid of reasonable thought. The big one is obviously The News' backing of John Kerry for president. I would like to know what criteria the paper used to come to this conclusion.

Was it Kerry's 20 years of ambivalence as a U.S. senator that persuaded The News that he is the most qualified individual to occupy the most powerful office on the planet? Was it Kerry's voting record of cutting the intelligence and military budgets that has The News thinking he is the best man to lead the war on terrorism? Or was it Kerry voting to raise taxes more than 300 times that convinced The News he understands what's best for the economy and middle class America?

A quick check of the Nov. 1 issue shows that of the 21 News endorsements, 15 candidates were Democrats/liberals and 11 were incumbents. The News endorsed a total of six Republican/conservative candidates. Longtime incumbents like Brian Higgins, Sam Hoyt and Louise Slaughter were given The News' blessing to continue in their pandering, self-serving ways and finish the dismantling of our region once and for all.

Joseph J. Baldi


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